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Comment Enjoy the drama, folks (Score 2) 104

Nicolas Maduro is insanely angry that his political party got heaved out of office in the recent elections, and he's going to be heaved out too, as soon as it's legally possible. Venezuela's shitty governance isn't quite fixed yet, but it's well on the way... and Maduro's already begun his transformation into a salt golem.

Comment hurrrr (Score 1) 843

And since when was the last time dogfights were a thing? This isn't the Vietnam era anymore. We have something these days called "missiles", and they work pretty damn good-- good enough that you can swat that annoying guy before he gets anywhere near you with a gun.

Comment ugh (Score 1) 255

This article can be summed up as "a lot of nerds need to grow spines".

If someone's primary contribution to a project is shit and noise, then get rid of them. And then get rid of anyone who whines about it, too.

Comment so true :| (Score 5, Insightful) 192

I can nail this one: Mentally ill people generally don't take good care of themselves. They tend to eat worse and more irregularly, sleep odd hours, and not get to the doctor as much (for whatever reason), especially if they live by themselves and no one's looking after them.

Basically, the severely mentally ill tend to make poor lifestyle choices a lot more.

Comment hurf (Score 1) 1501

There's a difference between "not being professional" and "being a dick", and clearly good ol' Linus doesn't understand it. I don't wear a suit and a tie to go about my daily business, yet somehow I manage not to be an obnoxious git to people I disagree with.

If you act like a jerk, people are not going to pay attention to any arguments you have, they're going to remember you acting like a jerk.

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