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Comment Re:WTF? Just ask the patient. (Score 1) 981

If you could "fix" high functioning autistic so that they could be completely normal what kind of effect might that have on scientific fields which attract such people?

I'm not sure that's an apples-to-apples comparison. Toying with the way the brain functions is quite different from repairing a physical abnormality.

I would liken curing color blindness to curing a physical ailment, not a mental one. Would you have any moral qualms about using medical science to repair the legs of a man bound to a wheelchair?

Comment Re:Window's Explorer... (Score 1) 452

I hate Vista's Explorer with a passion.

Windows 7's explorer is even worse. I use Vista at work and Windows 7 at home. A lot of other posters are saying this, and they're right: Windows 7 is basically just a glorified service pack for Vista with a less hideous color scheme.

Sadly, for every nice new feature in Win7, there's three other changes that baffle and anger me. For example, Win7 explorer no longer displays the amount of free space available on your drive. That decision just makes no sense to me. Another thing I find annoying is that when you drill-down into folders in the right-hand pane, the left-hand folder tree no longer stays in sync.

Sure, Vista explorer will randomly decide that some code folder actually has music and display columns for "artist" and "rating", but at least I can tell how much free space I have on the drive at a glance.

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Three Arrested For Conspiring to Violate the DMCA

jtcm writes: Three men have been charged with conspiring to violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act after federal investigators found that they allegedly offered a cracker more than $250,000 to assist with breaking Dish Network's satellite TV encryption scheme.

Kwak had two co-conspirators secure the services of a cracker and allegedly reimbursed the unidentified person about $8,500 to buy a specialized and expensive microscope used for reverse engineering smart cards. He also allegedly offered the cracker more than $250,000 if he successfully secured a Nagra card's EPROM (eraseable programmable read-only memory), the guts of the chip that is needed to reverse-engineer Dish Network's encryption.

Jung Kwak owns a company known as Viewtech, which imports and sells Viewsat satellite receiver boxes. Dish Network's latest encryption scheme, dubbed Nagra 3, has not yet been cracked by satellite TV pirates.

The Internet

Submission + - Registrar Cybersquatting on Searched Domains

neutronblast writes: I work at web development firm and recently we were searching for new domain names for a client by going to a registrar and seeing if any of them were availible. After finding the name that we wanted, we emailed the client to get approval to purchase the name. The next day when we went to register it we found that it had been registered by an "Internet Domain Holding Company" (a.k.a. cybersquatter) called Maltuzi, LLC.

Coincedence? I'm not sure. I did some research and came up with and article at this Wired Blog and on the forums at webmasterworld.

Has anyone else had this experience? If so, let this be a caution to you and to just pony up the 10 bucks if you think you might want the name.

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