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Submission + - Dell Ubuntu not for Consumers

jshriverWVU writes: "Dell doesn't sell Ubuntu n-series machines to consumers only businesses. Having a new job and going to school part time I thought I'd vote with my wallet and went online to order a Dell notebook with Ubuntu. After a while of declining a ton of extras (even windows software) I finally get to the order form. Then proceed to checkout only to be asked for a business ID or tax ID to make the purchase. Being an individual I found no way around this so I called Dell sales directly to see if I could order it that way. After 15 minutes on the phone I am told that I can't get the laptop as an individual and they are only sold to businesses. So without a business ID I couldn't get one. WTF?"

Feed Engadget: Gecube's Dual GPU Gemini 3, featuring four DVI ports (

Filed under: Desktops, Gaming

Gecube's Gemini 3 is the only solution on the market right now if you need a crossfire ATI card setup, but your motherboard only has one 16x PCI-e slot. The Gemini 3 is two Radeon HD 2600 XT GPUs on one card, featuring four DVI ports -- yes, you can hook up four monitors to a single card. The performance isn't exactly highest end, but the card certainly held its own in the testing that the Tweaktown guys put it through. It also happens to draw a relatively small amount of power, and keeps cool thanks to its massive dual slot heatsink and fan. Unfortunately, we've got no idea when or for how much you can get your hands on this little powerhouse.

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Submission + - New failsafe graphics mode for Ubuntu (

ianare writes: Ubuntu Xorg maintainer Bryce Harrington recently demonstrated the BulletProof-X feature that is planned for inclusion in Ubuntu 7.10. It provides a failsafe mode which will ensure that users never have to manually configure their graphics hardware settings from the command line. If Xorg fails to start, the failsafe mode will initiate with minimalistic settings, low resolution, and a limited number of colors. The failsafe mode also automatically runs Ubuntu's new GTK-based display configuration utility so that users can easily test various display settings and choose a configuration that will work properly with their hardware. Features like BulletProof-X deliver tangible usability improvements that contribute to a more positive user experience.

Submission + - Doom and Gloom for web radio (

An anonymous reader writes: DailyTech posted interviews with the founder of Pandora and management from Proton Radio (and Proton Music) asking them what SoundExchange's latest rulings mean to them. A lot of net radio stations are dreading the upcoming changes in royalty rates, which are said to be around 400%... a number that would bankrupt most of the industry. An interesting read for anyone who uses online radio...
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - PC Gaming to meet it's Steamy Demise. (

Ethocybin writes: "I bought Lost Planet recently and I was informed by Steam that my CD-Key was already in use, so I contacted the seller for a replacement and he ignored me, I then contacted Steam so that they could "release" or "transfer" my CD-Key to my account (which it says on the steam powered website, that they can do) and it's been four days without any reply from Steam. I even provided pictures of the Game Manual with the CD-Key on the back as requested. I also tried phoning Capcom's technical support AND product support yet no answer from both their lines within working hours for four days. It just rings forever... So, what am I to do with this game? It's quickly become about as worthless as an AOL CD but my wallet still feels the burn of twenty pounds. My question is that, if they are to enforce such drastic and ridiculous measures of security, should they not also provide better customer support? It's a surprise to me Steam still have no Phone Support after their big global expansion marketing many third-party games."

Feed Science Daily: Looking For Life In And Under Antarctic Ice (

Antarctica is home to the largest body of ice on Earth. Prior to approximately 10 years ago, no one thought that life could exist beneath the Antarctic ice sheets, which can be more than two miles thick in places, because conditions were believed to be too extreme. Now there is hope. If confirmed, "immortal cells" could prove potential for life on Mars and Europa, one of Jupiter's moons.

Feed Science Daily: 'Take The Stairs' Signs Work (

What would it take to get you to use the stairs instead of the escalator at your local mall? A team of researchers has found that healthy messages printed on stair risers attract climbers and might even encourage them to descend the stairs later. The riser messages "Take the Stairs" and "7 Minutes of Stair Climbing Daily Protects Your Heart" increased climbing on the staircase by 190 percent and boosted climbing on a nearby staircase with no messages by 52 percent, according to researchers.

Feed Science Daily: Beer's On Tap For Binge Drinkers (

Beer is the beverage of choice for most adult binge drinkers, according to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The beverage preferences of excessive drinkers are important to public health because binge drinking is a common problem in the United States and because binge drinkers -- and those around them -- are especially vulnerable to alcohol-related problems, said one of the researchers.

Feed Science Daily: Heavy Drinking Raises Blood Pressure In Older Men Regardless Of 'Good' Cholester (

A large new study suggests that middle-aged men who drink heavily could see their blood pressure rise, regardless of whether their levels of "good" cholesterol also go up. The scientists also found that the older men who participated -- all in their 50s -- were more susceptible to the blood pressure-boosting effects of heavy drinking than younger men.

Feed Science Daily: Inside The Brain Of A Crayfish (

Neurophysiology researchers commonly use crustaceans to try to gain basic understanding of the nervous systems of creatures in general, and, wherever possible, for extrapolating what they find to a basic understanding of the much more complex human brain. All animals, from single-celled amoebas to humans, use similar cellular processes to interpret their olfactory environment.

Retro Studios Stepping Back From Metroid For A Bit 72

Retro Studios, the makers of the games in the Metroid Prime series, has announced they'll be stepping back from the games for a bit now that Corruption is in stores. Comments from project director Mark Pacini discuss that decision and their interaction with the Wiimote: "I'm sure that there will be other titles created but as far as Retro Studios is concerned, we're taking a break for a little bit. We started with the core ideas of the game ... but we did not receive the information about the Wii controller until well into development. So we got a big surprise, of, hey, this is what we're going to do for the next console. Many things had to be refactored, but actually many things fell right into place. The Wii remote enables us to do things that we hadn't previously done in other Metroid games."

Submission + - Sony to release new PS2 (

jshriverWVU writes: "In what might be a way to regain some turf in the console war Sony is releasing a revamped PS2 this winter season.

"Sony plans to attract casual and non-casual gamers with a Ceramic White limited edition of PlayStation 2, bundled with SingStar Pop, the second installment in the popular SingStar franchise. Of course, for wannabe artists that would be an incomplete package without the two high-quality USB microphones Sony plans to add to the promotional wrapping.""

Feed Engadget: S1Digital's CableCARD-equipped Media Centers now shipping (

Filed under: Home Entertainment, Media PCs

They may have taken a bit longer than the company initially claimed, but S1Digital's new CableCARD-enabled Media Centers are apparently now finally shipping. That desirable option is available on the company's ProLine Quad Server and FX Editions, and its Home Series Platinum Edition, each of which boast a pair of CableCARD slots to let you watch and record two channels at the same time. It looks like you'll also be able to keep plenty of those recordings on deck, with up to 3.75 terabytes of storage on the Server Edition and 2.25 terabytes on the Platinum Edition. Otherwise, you can expect Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad processors depending on the model, along with optional HD DVD or Blu-ray drives, and NVIDIA PureVideo HD video processors, with Windows Vista running the show. From the looks of it, S1Digital is only selling the Home Series Media Center directly to customers, with the higher-end options reserved for dealers and custom installers.

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!

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