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Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 1) 436

New York City: Had a cab ride from LGA to TEB. I told the guy before I got in that I could only pay with credit card. He agrees. We get to Teterboro and suddenly the card reader doesn't work and he wants me to pay in cash. Oh, and my $180 cab is now $250. After a bit of back and forth, he goes out, lifts the hood and appears to do something. The card reader is suddenly fixed. We use a car service in NYC now.

Bedford, MA and San Jose, CA: Taxis just don't arrive when called, or can't seem to make it in a reasonable amount of time. By reasonable, I mean Uber/Lyft can usually arrive within 10 minutes. Cabs, if they show up, usually take 45-60 minutes.

Goshen, IN: Told by the airport not to bother with taxis. They don't show up.

My home town: A taxi ride to the airport (8 miles) is around $70. Uber is $20.

Forgot where in Texas: A rickety yellow cab minivan shows up that absolutely reeks of curry. One of the most nauseating 15 minute taxi rides I've ever taken.

Southeast FL: Taxi driver didn't speak a lick of English. Had to pull up my destination on my phone and show it to him.

Southwest FL: Taxis are rickety claptraps that sound and feel like they're falling apart. One I was in recently clearly had a problem with its engine mounts (I've had the same problem with my last two cars and it was instantly recognizable). If stuff like that isn't getting fixed, what else isn't getting fixed.

Almost every taxi experience is an adventure.

This is just a miniscule sample of my cab experiences over the years. I'm not a super huge fan of Uber/Lyft, but damn! There's a huge hole they're filling and the cab companies really need to step up their game and demonstrate they have some value. Or just find a way to co-exist. I don't really care. However, right now they are doing an excellent job of driving their customers to their competition.

Comment Just Couldn't Do It (Score 1) 160

I have a Fitbit that I've owned for barely 10 months. Eight of which it has been sitting in a drawer. I tried to get on board with this craze, but the damn thing kept falling off my wrist. I tried a different side and fared no better. I had two major problems. First, the fastener is utter rubbish. Every time I'd brush against something the damn thing would fall off and most of the time I wouldn't feel it. I'd see it laying on the ground or in a seat before realizing it fell off. Second, I've got enough junk to charge every day. I certainly don't need another device with a proprietary connector. So, in a drawer it sits.

Anybody want to buy a lightly used Fitbit?

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