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Journal js7a's Journal: Recidivist Republicans in Florida 2

Kevin Drum puts it best:

...Think about what happened: we're in Florida, site of the biggest election meltdown in the country's history. An inaccurate list of felons is a big part of the meltdown. The state, headed by the president's brother, promises to do better in 2004. The eyes of the nation are on them. The state produces a new list. But....

It won't show the list to anyone. In fact, it resists showing the list with all the power at its disposal. Finally, when it no longer has any choice due to a lawsuit and a judge's order, it gives up the list. And....

It's wrong again! In a way that just happens to favor Republicans! Again! But it was just mistake, honest! We are deeply concerned and disappointed! Honest!

Sometimes it's just more than you can stand.

Complaints about this in Congress are being stricken from the record.

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Recidivist Republicans in Florida

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