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Comment Re:The crossed the line this time (Score 1) 1733

Thanks for proving that when liberals can't win an argument based on facts and ideas that they have to resort to name calling and personal attacks rather than simply conceding a point.

If you were trying to make some sort of sense in your statement it didn't really work out for you there. If your statement is supposed to mean that I would justify killing someone because of who they are related to or their religious beliefs I would have to say that's a pretty big leap from my assertion that a human life is more important than a cats.

I don't think you need to worry about your hopes concerning our meeting not coming true. I don't hang out in juice bars, abortion rights meetings, save the wales groups or 'why is the world so mean to me' support groups so I don't think the chances of our meeting are very high.

Feel free to take break and come back when you're ready to talk to the over 12 crowd.

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