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Submission + - Perfectly Secure Quantum Internet Running At Los Alamos For Two Years (

jpwilliams writes: A network leveraging quantum mechanics has been under testing for two years at Los Alamos National Labs.

Because observing a message inevitably changes it, messages based on quantum mechanics are theoretically perfectly secure.

The Los Alamos network works off of a hub and spoke model, where all messages go into a central hub and then out to another end point in the network.

Apparently, some companies are already providing quantum networking, with banks and other security firms interested.


Submission + - Apple's flexing in Google's Face After Patent Win (

jpwilliams writes: As part of a continuing patent litigation strategy, Apple CEO Tim Cook is in talks with Google's Larry Page over potential patent infringements, reports state.

Up to this point, Apple has focused it's litigation on hardware manufacturers, considering it to better strategy. Is Apple switching course and going for the jugular?

Submission + - Pico Projector That Adapts to Surface, Can Use Random Objects as Input Devices (

jpwilliams writes: This tiny projector can use random surfaces to project an image. Using a webcam, it adapts to the surface, not just by adjusting keystone, but also following that surface and displaying different amounts of information (in certain cases). The guy in the video also uses a coffee mug as an app changer.
The Military

Submission + - Laser guided bullet can hit targets a mile away (

jpwilliams writes: Gizmag reports that researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have tested a 10-inch bullet that can be fired from a smooth-bore rifle to hit a laser-marked target one mile away. Interestingly, "... the accuracy improves the further away the target is. 'Because the bullet's motions settle the longer it is in flight, accuracy improves at longer ranges.'"

Submission + - 4 Megaupload Associates, including founder, Denied (

jpwilliams writes: Out of the seven people charged in the Megaupload case, four are being held pending extradition proceedings. Three others remain at large.

An interesting quote from a law professor highlights one reason the case is unusual. Referencing the indictment's citation of e-mails between members of the accused ... “The government hopes to use their private words against them,” Mr. Kerr said. “This should scare the owners and operators of similar sites.”

Data Storage

Submission + - 2.5 1TB SSD announced (

jpwilliams writes: OCZ announces the Octane series of Steady State Drives, including a 1TB 2.5-inch drive. For only $1,100, it can be yours!

Submission + - HP Leaving Tablet, Computing Business (

jpwilliams writes: HP reverses it's initial decision and decides to exit the tablet and PC business, ditching the Pre and webOS. Apparently Leo Apotheker who recently joined HP from rival SAP, wants to refocus on the company's profitable software. This goes in line with another move this article mentions ... the acquisition of UK software firm Autonomy

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