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Submission + - Terry Childs Convicted. (

dave596 writes: A jury has found Terry Childs, a former San Francisco Department of Technology employee accused of withholding the passwords to the city's main computer network in 2008, guilty of computer tampering.

The verdict was read in San Francisco Superior Court Tuesday afternoon.

After deliberating for nearly three days, the jury found Childs guilty of one felony count of computer tampering, and found true the allegation that the losses from the crime exceeded $200,000.

The trial spanned four months. Childs now faces a maximum of five years in prison at his sentencing.


Submission + - Rocket Racing League Showcases New X-Racers (

FleaPlus writes: The Rocket Racing League demonstrated two of their new 'Mark III' X-Racer rocketplanes at an air show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Besides making for a fun show, the League also pushes the boundaries for reusable and easily-maintainable rocket engines. The X-Racer's liquid oxygen & ethanol rocket engine was made by John Carmack's Armadillo Aerospace, who recently released a video showcasing some of the rockets they've launched and landed in the past year.

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