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PC Games (Games)

Submission + - 20 Reasons Not to Run BioShock DX10 over DX9

ThinSkin writes: "After learning about a 20 frames-per-second penalty for running DX10 instead of DX9 in BioShock, Joel Durham Jr. over at ExtremeTech thought it would be a good idea to compare the image quality differences of BioShock DX10 vs. DX9. Long story short: There is no difference. From the article: "BioShock is turning out to be an engrossing and downright fun shooter. DirectX 10, in the meantime, is turning out to be a non-issue. If you decided to play in DirectX 9 for the sake of performance, you're really not missing much at all.""

Submission + - Hezbollah produced game fights Israel

bigkahunafish writes: Hezbollah, the US labelled terrorist organization, has released a game in Lebanon titled "Special Force 2" where players fight Israeli forces. The game is based on the 2006 34-day war between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israeli forces. It retails for about $10 in Lebanon.

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