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Submission + - "Focus Fusion" is hot enough, for long enough, to burn aneutronic fuels ( 5

DerekShannon writes: "Physics of Plasmas published results Friday from our team at Lawrenceville Plasma Physics [] confirming that the "Focus Fusion" approach confines ions long enough and at sufficient temperatures (1.8 billion degrees!) to burn advanced, "aneutronic" fuels such as hydrogen and boron. From the paper: "At 150 keV, for example, the cross section of the reaction p + B11 -> 3 He4 is almost triple that of DD, such that similar conditions would yield 4x10^11 reactions in the best shots." Our team is now focusing on the third key criterion, density. The results could not come at a more opportune moment, with the US fusion program suffering major cuts, while we struggle financially as potential private backers appear distracted by the (as of yet) much less credible claims of "cold fusion." Undaunted, our chief scientist Eric Lerner has set his sights on averting international conflict, launching a "Fusion for Peace" [] initiative with Iranian colleagues researching the same dense plasma focus device."

Submission + - Google Chrome Released! 19

AKAImBatman writes: "Google's much anticipated web browser Google Chrome is now available for download. This new browser professes to have process-isolated tabs, the fastest Javascript VM on the market, extensive compatibility with existing web pages and web standards, and Google Gears pre-installed. For those who are concerned about the privacy of the browser, Google has a privacy FAQ to address your concerns."

Submission + - Gnome/ Kde dialog button poll

stevenaaus writes: "Just have a poll/article suggestion.

Dialog buttons should be ordered:
* "Yes No"
* "No Yes"
* "Cowboy Neil Wtf"
* Randomly
* Gnome Forever
* Gnome are Interface Nazis

Windows, KDE, Open Office, Tk (tk_messageBox), Video Games
and Fox lib are "Yes No". Needless to say, Gnome go the
other way. Imho, they need a reality check.

Here's where they give away the problem they have: in

They write "Following these simple three recommendations
will not make an application easy to use, or usable. They
may help you to get started on making your applications more
usable or easy-to-use, though. However, they certainly do no
harm, unless you consider it your personal goal to make a
platform such as Microsoft Windows more consistent and

Meaning: "It may not be right, or what you expect, but it's
the opposite of Windows". Gnome really have attitude

I'm not a professional gui dev, but i *am* an experienced programmer with more than a few graphical projects behind me. Hope you give it a go, thanks.

Steven Atkinson"

Feed Engadget: Austrian researchers train dogs to use computers (

Filed under: Misc. Gadgets

Yeah, teaching a canine how to operate a computer may sound pretty complex, but considering that one such animal was actually trained to sniff out and snag cellphones for its dubious owner, we guess it's not too difficult to conceive after all. In a recent study published in Animal Cognition, researchers from the University of Vienna in Austria taught four dogs to use computer automated touch-screens in order to carry out classification tests, theoretically eliminating any "potential human influence." In experiments that sought to see if dogs could indeed visually categorize pictures and transfer learning to new scenarios, the four subjects "were shown landscape and dog photographs and expected to make a selection on a computer touchscreen." Eventually, the authors concluded that using computers in animal testing could open up new windows of opportunity in testing cognitive abilities, but c'mon, you know those pups were just clicking around to see if their testing station would in fact play Doom.

[Via TheInquirer, image courtesy of Itchmo]

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BBC Creates 'Perl on Rails' 216

Bogtha writes "Long-time users of Perl for their public websites, and having successfully used Ruby on Rails for internal websites, the BBC have fused the two by creating a 'Perl on Rails' that has the advantages of rapid development that Rails brings, while performing well enough to be used for the Beeb's high-traffic public websites. This is already powering one of their websites, and is set to be used in the controversial iPlayer project as well."
Operating Systems

Submission + - My Story: Why I Switched to Linux (

tomyLNX writes:'s Matt Hartley entails his story on why he chose to switch over to Linux completely. He writes, "It was shortly before Vista's release that I had found myself falling in love with Ubuntu, because it offered me the best of the beginner and advanced worlds in one single distribution. My skills with Linux were such that I could have very well have stuck it out with Debian, but I instead felt that Ubuntu better reflected my own choice for a Linux distro.

Submission + - DevSapiens Linux Channel: The linux knowledge base (

An anonymous reader writes: DevSapiens is a web application (still in public beta) that offers to developer,
linux users, power users and generally to enthusiastic IT people,
a source for news, tutorials, articles and more.

DevSapiens engine surf the web for news, tutorials and more, collects data and analyzes them.
As results news, tutorials and articles are grouped in thematic channels.

Now the "Linux Channel" is avaiable with other subchannels "Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, ...". Knowledge base
is divided in news (updated many times a day), articles and tutorials. A linux-focused search engine
is also avaiable. is based on Artificial Intelligence technology: Information tagging is done by supervised artificial neural networks. The aim of DevSapiens is to become a fully automated engine based on SBNN (Synthetic Biological Neural Network).

Take a look at:

Feed Newsforge: KDE 4 Beta 2 released today (

KDE 4.0 continues to edge closer to completion with today's announcement of the Beta 2 release. Improvements have been made to Bluetooth support and blogging functions, and a freeze is in place so developers can begin working on bug fixes. Beta 2 also includes KOffice 2.0 Alpha 2 and a complete overhaul of remote desktop client KRDC.

AMD Backs openSUSE with Huge New Infrastructure 117

apokryphos writes "AMD has helped sponsor the progress of openSUSE with leading-edge hardware and development expertise. "AMD is helping to ensure that the openSUSE Build Service continues to be an important collaboration and development platform for developers of all distributions," said Terri Hall, AMD vice president of Commercial Systems Marketing. Are these continued announcements of huge support from large OEMs an indication of a new era?"

Submission + - openSUSE Turns Two

krgallagher writes: CNN reports:

On the second anniversary of the creation of the openSUSE(TM) project, the community program this week marked two new milestones — the availability of the first beta of openSUSE 10.3 and the continued growth of the openSUSE Build Service. The openSUSE Build Service is an innovative framework that provides an infrastructure for software developers to easily create and compile packages for multiple Linux* distributions. The development team today released the first version of the end-user interface for the build service, with which users of any openSUSE, SUSE(R) Linux Enterprise, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu or Mandriva distribution can easily search and browse new software for their distribution. Users of the upcoming openSUSE 10.3 can install their software with one click directly from the Web interface. In the past four months, more than 13 million packages have been downloaded from the openSUSE Build Service as developers build packages for various distributions using the tool.

Submission + - Gmail accounts hacked - no response from Google (

jared51 writes: A few friends have recently had their Gmail accounts hacked, causing immense life complications. With Gmail storing all information (many people have a handy label "Accounts" making life easier) that has ever been emailed, a hijacker can easily move on to eBay, PayPal and credit card accounts to turn the crime into cash. Making matters worse, Google is impossible to contact by human. Hijacked users must contend with an endless series of forms.

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