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Submission + - Android master key found (

jonfr writes: BBC News tells that security researcher has found Android master key.

"A "master key" that could give cyber-thieves unfettered access to almost any Android phone has been discovered by security research firm BlueBox.
The bug could be exploited to let an attacker do what they want to a phone including stealing data, eavesdropping or using it to send junk messages.
The loophole has been present in every version of the Android operating system released since 2009.
Google said it currently had no comment to make on BlueBox's discovery."

Submission + - Spotify closes download loophole (

jonfr writes: According to BBC News, Spotify has closed down a loophole in there system that allowed users to download the mp3 file of the music they where listening too. While this is just copying and nothing else, the spoke person for Briffa, Sheena Sheikh claims any such action to be nothing but stealing.

"Sheena Sheikh, a solicitor from intellectual property specialists Briffa, told the BBC that the law is straightforward on such downloading activity.
"It is effectively stealing," she said.
"You are committing an infringement. You're not authorised to download the songs. You don't have permission.""

Submission + - Lawyers target 'pirates' for cash (

jonfr writes: Around 15,000 suspected pirates may soon get legal letters accusing them of illegally sharing movies and games.
ACS:Law plans to send notes to the accused in the new year offering a chance to settle out of court for "several hundreds of pounds".
A lawyer who has defended people who have received similar letters described it as a "scattergun approach" that would catch "innocent people".


Andrew Crossley of the firm told BBC News it was acting to "eradicate" sharing of its client's products.
"We give them opportunity to enter into compromise right at the start to avoid having to deal with it [in court]," said Mr Crossley.

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