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Comment Re:Continental Europe (Score 1) 149

Sweden didn't opt-out of the Euro. They agreed to adopt it when they joined. Then they held a second referendum on the Euro and rejected adopting it, that referendum has de-fact no legal meaning. Currently Sweden stays out of the euro by not joining ERM-II as is required for minimal of two years if they want to adopt the euro. Denmark has opt-out clause, they can cancel it with a vote when they want to and adopt the euro quickly after that.

As for Russia. They are preparing for war with Europe. Russia wants what they don't have. What that is EU and what EU has. Prosperity and riches. Putin wants that.

He can't have it and is never going to get it.

Comment Re:The Hubble non-Constant? (Score 1) 174

As he says (Veritasium) in a comment to his video.

"Some people have been sending wikipedia references saying parts of this video are wrong, but I think it's wikipedia with the misconceptions. For further reference check out this paper:"

I don't know where this misunderstanding has come from.

Comment No, I refuse to believe this nonsense (Score 1) 115

I refuse to believe this nonsense. Since this type of doom and fear mongering has been going on now for many years now. It never comes true and it never is going to come true. If doom is going to happen, it is going to happen and nothing can be done about it and I am not sure if scientist are going to be the first one to know about or figure out what to do about it once the time comes, if it ever comes to start with. Since the human race has the chance of surviving as a species for the next 500 million years (with minor evolutionary changes in the process).

Comment Re:Sigh... (Score 1) 789

Not yet. I doubt Russia is going to make such claims until it has military capability that is greater than the one U.S has. Not even the Soviet Union did regard Alaska as an issue or the fact it used to belong to Russia (pre-Soviet Union). Russia today under Putin is dangerous country and its media is full of lies and deceptions.

As for list of Russia land grabs. It seems we have our next target. That is Kazakhstan.

While Daily Mail is not the most reliable source, they just might have a point on Russia wanting to take over Belarus too. Even if they are now "allies", or so the dictator of Belarus believes at the moment.

Putin is not out to build new Soviet Union. He is out to expand Russia and that is a totally different matter. He has already had some success doing to with his less economic able neighbour countries.

Comment Re:Sigh... (Score 1) 789

Can you please tell me about a place that U.S has annexed a part of other country into it self?

If you cannot, then you are misguided in your effort to justify the invasion and occupation of Crimea. I also want to remind you that what Russia has done is against U.N charter.

What Putin is simple. He is a brutal dictator, what he has not yet done is to show it. The propaganda from Russia is massive, the world channel for that propaganda is RT network. It pumps out misinformation, lies and just pure KGB style propaganda all days and not only in English but also in several other languages. Other good example of this is ITAR-TASS. Here is the latest news. I don't have to tell you that this is total bullshit "news".

People in Russia have in general no idea what is going on. Internet coverage is not that good as in Europe or U.S. They also have to deal with censored internet today inside Russia. Washington Post sums this up nicely.

There is a lot of people in Europe and U.S that accept Russia propaganda as the truth. There is just one problem with it, it's all lies and deception.

Comment Re:Wait.... what? (Score 3, Informative) 254

That "separatist movement" was paid for by Putin and his allies. Mind you there are huge resources in eastern Ukraine that Putin needs if he wants to go into war with rest of Europe as he is clearly planning to do. I also want to remind you that Russia has already annexed Crimea from Ukraine in the most illegal way found.

Kosovo is a completely different matter.

Comment Re:You had a VM w/ VLAN; TechCentral took a big ri (Score 1) 251

There is also chance that something was dropped on the network drivers and often data can be deleted from those networks drives by domain connected computer (if that is being used, as I assume is the normal set-up in those environments). It is not only stupid, it is highly dangerous. It should never be done and as you say, this type of stunt should only done in VM, but I recommend only on VM using Linux or *BSD as host Os for added security (where it is possible to run the whole thing inside an choort for added security). It would also be more added security to have that computer on its own LAN (own gateway and so on) disconnected from every other computer in the house.

As for the VM, drop some extra viruses in it in zip files or something that might get the scammers to copy it to there own network and let it burn to the ground in the IT sense of the word. They at least are never going to call you back after that.

I have received this type of call, but I don't have zombie VM with Windows XP or a secure set-up at the moment. So I just hang up on them when they call me.

Comment Re:Binary yes, planet no. (Score 3, Insightful) 115

Anything that is a sphere and orbits a star is a planet. Asteroids don't have sphere shape. Same goes for comets. The reason for the name "dwarf planets" is that of naming issue. There are more than 100 planet object out there, most of them smaller than planet Mercury.

Haumea is a planet, but is minor elongated due it's rapid orbital period.

List of other dwarf planets.

Then there is a chance of Earth size planets (both above and below in size and mass) in the outer region of our solar system that have not yet been discovered. At least there are clues about them today, even if they have so far not yet been found. It is my guess they are going to be found, given time and advances in technology that allows for better detection of outer orbital planets in our solar system.

There is a lot out there that we don't have no clue about and there are discoveries to be made (if the funding holds).

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