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United States

Submission + - Obama breaks campain promise on public funding.

sumdumass writes: Obama decided to forgo the federal matching money that would limit campaign contributions and campaign spending for an exchange of around 85 million dollars in public money after already promising a commitment to it in the primaries. He claims it is because of unregulated republican sources and special interest groups like the swift boat campaign against John Kerry. I hope he isn't going to start claiming service in Vietnam or something to attract their attention. Is this the change we are looking at? Breaking a campaign promise, one that was once at the heart of campaign finance reform and once a big democrat charge?

Submission + - Google pulls map images at Pentagon's request

Stony Stevenson writes: Google has complied with a request by the Pentagon to remove some online images from its street-level map service because they pose a security threat to U.S. military bases, military and company officials said on Thursday. Gen. Gene Renuart, head of the military command responsible for homeland defense, said the Pentagon had talked to Google about the risks and expected the company to cooperate in removing selected images from its Street View service. The Defense Department, which is still studying how many images are available, has also banned Google teams from taking video images on bases. But because many images were taken from public streets, the military may not have a legal right to request that videos be pulled.

Submission + - Datacenter robbed for the 4th time in 2 years (theregister.co.uk) 1

mariushm writes: "The CIHost datacenter was attacked by armed intruders for the fourth times in two years.

According to a letter C I Host officials sent customers, "at least two masked intruders entered the suite after cutting into the reinforced walls with a power saw, [...]

During the robbery, C I Host's night manager was repeatedly tazered and struck with a blunt instrument. After violently attacking the manager, the intruders stole equipment belonging to C I Host and its customers."

To aggravate the situation, C I Host representatives needed several days to admit the most recent breach, according to several customers who said they lost equipment, all the while reporting the problems as "router failures"."

Wireless Networking

Submission + - Unlimited gall to cost Verizon $1 million (networkworld.com)

netbuzz writes: Unlimited really means unlimited, even in advertising. So says the New York State Attorney General's Office in squeezing a $1 million settlement out of Verizon Wireless for disconnecting 13,000 of its customers who had the temerity to believe that the unlimited service they were promised came with unlimited service. Verizon's statement explaining the settlement is a gem, too.


Media (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Hangs Tough On iPhone Bricking

An anonymous reader writes: Two other shoes have dropped in the Apple iPhone bricking controversy. Apple iPhone spokeswoman Jennifer Bowcock has responded to InfoWeek blogger Alex Wolfe's Sunday posting, asserting that " Apple's position has not changed since we issued our statement last week." (The statement is the one is which Apple said unauthorized apps or unlocking "will likely result in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable.") In addition, California lawyer Damian Fernandez has launched a Web site through which he's actively soliciting iPhone users to join a suit against Apple.

Feed Science Daily: Shining A Light On Mysterious 'Dark Matter' (sciencedaily.com)

We've all been taught that our bodies, the Earth and in fact all matter in the universe is composed of tiny building blocks called atoms. Now imagine if this weren't the case. This mind-bending concept is at the core of the scientific research that astronomers and physicists are now pursuing.

Know How To Use a Slide Rule? 388

high_rolla writes "How many of you have actually used a slide rule? The slide rule was a simple yet powerful and important tool for engineers and scientists before the days of calculators (let alone PCs). In fact, several people I know still prefer to use them. In the interest of preserving this icon we have created a virtual slide rule for you to play with." Wikipedia lists seven other online simulations.
Data Storage

Submission + - 640gb PCIe solid-state drive demonstrated

Lisandro writes: "Engadget.com reports tht Fusion-io has presented a 640gb solid-state flash hard on a PCIe card, with sustained data rates of 800Mb/sec for reading and 600Mb/sec for writing. The device will allegedly start shipping in several sizes (from 40GB up to 640GB) next quarter. Demonstration pictures, videos and interviews are available here."

Submission + - SPAM: Storm: The biggest, baddest botnet in the world?

alphadogg writes: Storm may not be the most creative or malicious piece of malware ever written, but it's on track to become the most productive; threat researchers' recent estimates put the number of PCs it has infected at more than 1 million. First showing up on researchers' radars about a year ago, Storm is defined by some as a worm, others as a Trojan Horse. Although Storm doesn't use any particularly inventive or malicious techniques, such as erasing files on a hard drive or recording keystrokes to capture passwords and personal information, it has gained notoriety through its writers' ability to update and adapt both the malware's code and the spam blasts that lure people to become infected with it — all with the purpose of building a giant botnet. [spam URL stripped]

Submission + - Top 4 up-and-coming web technologies (wordpress.com)

WageDomain writes: "It is an exciting time to be a web developer. What used to be a time-consuming process is not becoming easier and easier with tools like Visual Web Developer, intellisense, and easier and more streamlined web-oriented programming languages and libraries. Less time coding the basic stuff leaves more time to code the fun stuff, the flashy things, the bells and whistles that sets a website apart from competitors. And now more than ever there are some amazing tools and technologies that can make that job easier."

Submission + - Liquid drops defying gravity

Roland Piquepaille writes: "Researchers at the University of Bristol, UK, have shown that droplets of liquid can travel uphill when placed on a vertically vibrating inclined plate. 'In fact, if the plate vibrates at the right rate, the droplets will always travel counter-intuitively up the incline.' This very interesting discovery will not change the world, but it may lead to new methods to manipulate microscopic amounts of fluids. Read more for additional references and pictures showing some of these climbing liquid droplets."

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