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Ask Slashdot: What Practices Impede Developers' Productivity? 457

nossim writes "When it comes to developers' productivity, numerous controversial studies stress the differences between individuals. As a freelance web developer, I've worked for a lot of companies, and I noticed how some companies foster good practices which improve individual productivity and some others are a nightmare in that regard. In your experience, what are the worst practices or problems that impede developers' productivity at an individual or organizational level?"

Submission + - Apple Deprecates Java on Mac OS X ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Well, here's a surprise. In the release notes for the Java update that Apple released today, they are announcing that Java on Mac OS X is now deprecated, and that it may not be supported in future versions of Mac OS X. Guess all the users of my in-house Java app on Mac will just have to plan on foregoing Lion. Maybe they can switch to Windows or Linux.

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