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Journal Journal: I got banned! (Slashdot mods are awesome!) 2

I was banned from Slashdot for about a day.

If too many of a user's submissions get modded "spam", the Slashdot system automatically bans the account. I've been posting a lot of political stories, and someone(s) went and marked them all as "spam", and I got banned.

You can check my submissions yourself to see if you think they are spam.

If you think they *are* spam or otherwise inappropriate, I'd like to hear about it. I don't want to get banned again, and in any event I'm happy to behave more in keeping with what people want.

Kudos to Slashdot mod Logan who actually received and addressed my feedback about this!

Imagine - a corporate mod actually received and read a complaint, looked over the account, and unbanned it!

Totally blew my expectations.

Slashdot rocks.

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Journal Journal: New E-mail

Another E-mail that will get to me is:

SourceForge (at) OkianWarrior (dot) com

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Journal Journal: Non-popularity of Open Source

Apropos my recent post outlining why open source is not very popular.

I've spent some time researching useability, both in computer software and other areas.

The post was necessarily brief - it only outlined 5 general trends and was light on context, explanation, and supporting examples.

A better treatment would explain all the trends that I see (perhaps a dozen) with more explicit explanations for each. Unfortunately that's not appropriate for a blog post [Slashdot] comment.

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Journal Journal: Contact info 1

I've just now discovered that I've got fans.

Contact info:

niroz (dot) 9 (dot) okianwarrior (at)

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Journal Journal: October 17, Thursday(?)

Found the lost city. Am worried about disappearance of porters in middle of night. Almost too quiet.

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