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Comment Re:Plant mass != soil + water removed (Score 1) 186

> As for 50ft topsoil....merely to have written this suggests your connection with farming is extremely tenuous.

Absolutely, that statement baffled me too. I've dug many pits down to over 5 meters and I've never seen topsoil more than 2 meters deep. In those cases it wasn't even proper topsoil, more like loose turf which collects on low lying land due to erosion and percolation. The average is roughly 0.5 meters in my area and it is renowned for the quality of the agricultural land.

Comment Re:Mostly laughable concept. (Score 3, Informative) 163

Multiple citations needed.

I don't know where you pulled those numbers out of, but they're completely wrong. Depending on the process used electrolysis can have an efficiency rating of 30%-60%. Nuclear reactors are much better than 20% efficient, unless you think an RTG is a nuclear reactor. Solar thermal power is a better bet for generating large amounts of power for running a space factory. No fuel needed and a few square kilometers of mylar will set it up nicely.

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