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Comment Absolutely hilarious... (Score 5, Funny) 118

what I was most surprised to come across in my investigation was the availability, with no age restriction and free on the internet, of pornography including group sex, anal sex, double penetration, apparently having sex with strangers, women in the middle of a group of men who were masturbating over their face.

Has she (MP Jacqui Smith) been watching more porn at taxpayers expense?

Comment Re:Smart people can be dumb. (Score 1) 236

Facebook is like a survey you create yourself.

Facebook has your holiday photos, knows you've been to an island, like partying on the beach. Google knows you're reading up on herpes treatments.

Maybe Facebook knows you're married. Google knows you're trying to find a divorce attorney.

This needs modded up!

Comment Re:risk (Score 1) 403


The people I work for are terrified of any kind of business interruption.

Even none critical stuff is backed up and taken off site nightly. Each member of staff (30 or so) has been trained how to do this and shown how to perform a restore. Backups are performed by staff as part of their daily routine, not as an afterthought when the bell has rung and everyone is thinking about going home.

Submission + - Microsoft clears up Linux confusion over Windows 8 ( 1

CSHARP123 writes: Redhat employee Matthew Garrett speculated that OEM machines that ship with copies of Windows 8 may lock out support for Linux installations. Garrett highlighted Microsoft’s new Secure Build OEM requirements for Windows 8 systems. Microsoft chose to directly respond to confusion surrounding its Windows 8 Secure Boot feature on Thursday.

Tony Mangefeste on Microsoft’s Ecosystem team revealed that Microsoft is working closely with its OEM partners to improve the security experience of Windows. “Microsoft supports OEMs having the flexibility to decide who manages security certificates and how to allow customers to import and manage those certificates, and manage secured boot,” says Mangefeste. ”We believe it is important to support this flexibility to the OEMs and to allow our customers to decide how they want to manage their systems.” Mangefeste believes the customer is ultimately in control of their PC. “Microsoft’s philosophy is to provide customers with the best experience first, and allow them to make decisions themselves. We work with our OEM ecosystem to provide customers with this flexibility.”

The Internet

Submission + - Bing Launches HTML5 Video Homepage (

suraj.sun writes: from the Bing blog, "Here at the Bing homepage team, we’re always looking for ways to bring you a little something special. Today we’re really excited to announce the first ever video homepage ( ).

If you have an HTML-5 enabled browser, you now get all the beauty and intrigue of the Bing homepage with a little breath of life added. Users without a modern browser will continue to see the gorgeous still photography that we’re known for.

We won’t be programming a video every day, just when the mood strikes us. While this first video is US-only, we’ll begin rolling the video homepage out to international markets in the next few months."

Comment Re:have they bought "Beyond Pitiful" yet? (Score 1) 439

Having just searched for oil spill on

BP Oil Leak Response
Info about the Gulf of Mexico Leak. Learn more about how BP is helping

Right next to the words "Sponsored Links"

Your making it out like they bought top spot in some underhanded way, if you've got the funds outbid them and you can have top spot too!

Comment Worst. Interview. Ever. (Score 1) 184

The more I speak to you John, the less I like you.

I terminated the interview at this point as I was getting angry with "John" and felt it was better for me not to continue.

The interviewer had the opportunity to obtain information from a convicted scammer who was willing to talk openly about his experiences, and comes out with quotes like that?

I don't think this interview happened at all.

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