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Comment Re:Mint- How many slashdotters out here use it? (Score 1) 315

I started to use Linux since the days of Red Hat 5.0. I currently use Mint LXDE edition. It feels light (I am looking at you, KDE), has sane desktop layout (don't get me start on Unity).

As for "hardcore" distributions like Gentoo - I really have something better to do with my time than setting up system from the scratch / recompiling stuff. And if I use pre-compiled packages, what is the point of using Gentoo at all?

Comment For some reason I found the first game boring (Score 1) 85

The first game was surrounded by a huge hype when it came out based on which I bought it. The graphics was OK, the story is almost non-existent. Side quests were really boring - go to level X, kill a big bad guy. First 2/3 of the game were really easy, the last part was really hard. It became very boring for me after I descended several levels into first mine. I had to force myself to finish it.

This is coming from a guy who finished Titan Quest, Diablo 1 and 2 (all of them with all the add-ons) on the highest difficulty levels. I am not even sure why it was so boring. Lack of a story or good atmosphere? Diablo and Titan quest have both.

I might sound like a troll, but I am not looking forward for the next game. I still might give it a try if they come up with Linux version. The game will probably have hard time to compete with Diablo 3.

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