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Submission + - Occupy Congress is happening (

joeszilagyi writes: This began spreading around yesterday afternoon, and it's now begun going nuts. January 17th, 2012 — the first day of the next Congressional session in Washington DC.

Submission + - Suprrise: Apple does indeed collect location data (

joeszilagyi writes: "Everyone has been going nuts over this story, and the fact that iPhones cache up to a years' worth of location data (Android phones only cache a tiny time-limited amount of this data). There was speculation it was all a bug. There were flame wars between Apple fans and foes. Well, surprise: Apple fessed up last year to collecting such data."

Submission + - Is Gulf of Mexico water now explosive?

joeszilagyi writes: This is starting to hit news media right now: a WKRG news report that finds high toxin levels on open beaches with children, and even samples of corrupted Gulf water so polluted they explode like bombs.

Submission + - Legal war for WA state Sunshine Law (

joeszilagyi writes: In a major battle in Washington State, anti-gay rights groups created and got R-71, a public initiative to put civil rights and same-sex civil unions up for public vote. It got on the 2009 election ballot, and the real legal war then erupted: activists created to take advantage of WA state's Public Records Act, and put the names of all people who publically endorsed R-71 on a public, SEO-optimized website. Lawsuits quickly followed, and today it reached the United States Supreme Court, in a matter of months. The records appear to have always been public, but were only digitally available since 2006. An assault on civil rights, an assault on marriage, or an assault on sunshine laws and freedom of information?

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