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Comment A younger generation at Microsoft (Score 1) 227

Is a younger generation of developers influencing Microsoft? The last few rounds of college grads on the management fast track at MS have had time to play with git in high school, college, and even perhaps as a personal tool at work. Maybe their personal preferences are affecting the Microsoft feature set.

Comment Re:keystroke timings are fingerprint (Score 1) 215

Woudn't key timings be correlated to frequency of use? For instance, if I type "Have a great day!" at the end of every email, won't I get faster at it? And won't it be faster than phrases like "Fourscore and twenty years ago"? If the two metrics are correlated you don't need to examine them both to generate a user signature.

Comment Re:Someone please tell Facebook that (Score 5, Insightful) 304

Everyone seems to forget that we aren't the customers, we're the product. This is all about increasing the quality of their data for their real customers.

Exactly. Facebook has admitted that 80 million accounts are fake; now it needs to take steps to reassure customers that the eyeballs they've been selling are real.

Comment Creativity (Score 1) 307

If you teach all the constructs of English grammar and effective Word Processor use, you get students who can correct the misuse of "they're", "there" and "their", express their ideas, and save a file. But it takes more than an understanding of grammar to produce novelists, journalists, poets, and technical writers. I hope that Estonia will not stop at teaching "programming" alone but that their curricula will encourage creativity.

Comment Herd Immunity (Score 1) 206

If a security suite detects a virus and doesn't quarantine that computer, it is only putting all the other computers on the network at risk. If quarantining upon detection happened to the majority of networked computers, then there would be "herd immunity" protection for computers both with and without antivirus protection.

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