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Journal Journal: Large Scale Hacks... 4 in 1 month is a little odd...

March 18, 2011 - RSA Security: Hacked, info on their SecurID Systems were lifted
April 4, 2011 - Epsilon: Hacked, one of the largest data warehousers in the world, user data taken
April 11, 2011 - Barracuda Networks: Hacked customer info and potentially code relating to their firewalls was taken
April 17-19,2011 - Sony Hacked, 77 Million users data exposed

Those are the dates behind the most recent major hacks to have hit the world, and in each case, the hack seems to be rather sophisticated... anyone consider the possibility that all 4 hacks were perpetrated by the same group/person?? Hacking RSA and Barracuda for info that might get you by those security checks and more than likely make it much easier to attack targets like Epsilon and Sony... I also think that the Barracuda hack might have helped to make hacking sony easier (Assuming that sony uses barracuda equipment)...

Any thoughts?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Lots of binspam lately

Has anyone lately noticed an increase in the binspam coming in as submissions?? I keep tabs on the recent stuff, and lately, there have been a lot of submissions trying hawk their wares, the latest being Erectalis, something to help combat erectile dysfunction.

These kind of posts seem to be on the rise lately from what I can see, but has anyone else noticed this?

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