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Journal Journal: Little Bits of Entertainment

Last night I downloaded and watched the videos available at

I was very amused. I think I may have learned something too. Very worth the time if you want to find out what makes the anti-war protesters tick.
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Journal Journal: Why are there so many liberal geeks ???

I have been pondering why there seems to be so much liberal sludge being offered in the /. forums. I have come up with a germ of a theory:

It probably stems from the way most geeks are persecuted and bullied from the time they are young. Many don't develop ways to cope and turn out as completely spineless, amoral wrecks. I'm not terribly surprised about the 'geek response' on this war against Saddam. Geeks, in general, have too much baggage to be able to cope with some of the ideas represented: Standing up for yourself, Self-defence by action, justice, sharing liberty with others, etc...
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Journal Journal: Hello World

I've been hanging around here on /. for a while now, and it seems like I ought to put something here for y'all to read so you aren't completely mystified if you end up on my friends/foes lists.

For now, I'm pretty stingy about classifying people. I don't make the decision on only one or two comments. Generally speaking, if you're on my friends list, I think you're resonably intelligent and thought provoking, even if we don't always agree. My foes include the most consistantly offensive, ignorant, and/or just-plain-fun-to-argue-with-for-no-other-reason types of people.

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