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Submission + - CRTC tells Rogers to stop throttling online gamers (

Meshach writes: Recently Canada's telecommunications regulator revealed that net neutrality was failing and that throttling was taking place. Apparently several months later things have not improved and Canada's telecommunications regulator on Friday gave Rogers Communications Inc., mere days to stop throttling online games.

Submission + - Australia to get "License to Publish"? (

An anonymous reader writes: Tell me it will never happen — that even this government would never dream of requiring newspapers to have a government license

Submission + - poisoning DNS 2

klic writes: (formerly acquired the free-as-in-beer in January 2010. Three months ago, they allegedly announced the discontinuation of DNS service on September 9th to the 100K+ former customers of They are now enforcing that discontinuation by periodically redirecting DNS to their site, and serving a nag page on the web, rather than merely shutting down so the DNS system finds alternate servers. This DNS cache poisoning is messing up email and web service for thousands of sites, and some webmasters are only learning about the discontinuation now, from their frustrated users.

I've never used, though I am a VIP customer at . Given their heinous behavior, and its affect on many of the websites I use, I may take my future DNS and registration business elsewhere.

Submission + - Let's enhance that just got real (

An anonymous reader writes: Of course, the second law of thermodynamics means that we cannot really CSI-style enhance images already recorded, but a new algorithm developed by computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon university may mean we can extract what is there faster and more efficiently — by solving systems of linear equations much more rapidly than is presently possible: "in nearly mlogn time" says the scientific paper (

Submission + - RealNetworks crushes Dutch webmaster for hyperlink (

suraj.sun writes: RealNetworks has sued the owner of a website in The Netherlands for displaying a hyperlink to a competing freeware package. As the company seeks compensation for its claimed losses, the 26-year-old man is borrowing money from family to survive.

The case started in 2010 when RealNetworks demanded that the computers belonging to Hilbrand Edskes and his family be confiscated. A Dutch judge granted this in an ex-parte ruling, based on an alleged violation of copyright law and trademark law. The company claims that Edskes was hosting the infringing software. The move to secretly obtain the order was meant to ensure that evidence wasn’t deleted.

Edskes has a website,, that links to a wide variety of freeware programs. One of these is "Real Alternative", a competitor of the mediaplayer RealPlayer from RealNetworks.

However, Edskes wasn’t hosting the software, but just redirected to other sites for the actual download. The complaint turned out to be based on a hyperlink to the software. To date there have been two court sessions, and in December Edskes will have to testify under oath.

PC Advisor:

Submission + - Quick Tech Product Death More Humane? ( 1

HumanEmulator writes: The NY Times writes about how the Hollywood summer-movie business model is being applied to tech products: "Every release needs to be a blockbuster, and the only measure of success is the opening-weekend gross." New products are being pulled from shelves only weeks after a lackluster release. What if the TouchPad, the Microsoft Kin, or even Google Wave had had more time on the market? Is this blockbuster or bust model good thing?

Submission + - GameStop opening Deus Ex boxes, removing free game (

DisKurzion writes: A leaked GameStop memo indicates that employees are to open the regular PC release of Dues Ex: Human Revolution and discard the included OnLive coupon.

From TFA: GameStop spokesperson Beth Sharum confirmed the practice, telling Ars that "Square Enix packed the competitor’s coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull these coupons."

If you buy a PC game retail, make sure the box is sealed!!


Submission + - Lulzsec's leader, Sabu, finally revealed? (

An anonymous reader writes: After publishing a story on whether Lulzsec leader, Sabu, was a 21st Century Billy The Kid, it transpires that he has gone to ground right after the publishing of extensive documents (dox) which date back ten years and claim to explain who he is: a Puerto Rican man living in New York. This time, it sounds compelling.

Submission + - Future Sun may disrupt spacecraft and satellites (

dtjohnson writes: A study published today predicts that solar storms are going to become increasingly disruptive to satellites and communications in the coming decades as the sun cycles towards a minimum of activity. "The work, published in Geophysical Research Letters, predicts that once the Sun shifts toward an era of lower solar activity, more hazardous radiation will reach Earth. The team says the Sun is currently at a grand solar maximum. This phase began in the 1920s — and has lasted throughout the space age....The evidence seems to indicate that although there are fewer solar storms once the Sun leaves its grand maximum, they are more powerful, faster and therefore carry more particles."

Submission + - Human Excrement to Blame for Coral Decline (

sciencehabit writes: Coral reef ecologists have laid a persistent and troubling puzzle to rest. The elkhorn coral, named for its resemblance to elk antlers and known for providing valuable marine habitat, was once the Caribbean's most abundant reef builder. But the "redwood of the coral forest" has declined 90% over the past decade, in part due to highly contagious white pox disease, which causes large lesions that bare the coral's white skeleton and kill its tissue. Now, after nearly a decade of data collection and analysis, researchers have fingered the cause of the affliction: human excrement. The finding represents the first example of human-to-invertebrate disease transmission and suggests a practical approach for halting the disease's spread.

Submission + - DHS Tries to Hide Mobile Scanner Details (

OverTheGeicoE writes: The Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a Freedom of Information Act request last year with the US Department of Homeland Security, whose Transportation Security Administration has been investigating the use of x-ray scanning technology for covert use in more public places, like train stations and even ordinary city streets. TSA has tested interesting devices like the Z Backscatter Vans both privately and on members of the general public. EPIC recently received new documents from DHS. Some of the documents are almost completely black from redactions.

Submission + - The Community Design: Injunctions To-Go in the EU (

An anonymous reader writes: 'Earlier this week, we learned that Apple managed to get a preliminary injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, barring it from being sold in the entire European Union — except for The Netherlands. The legal construct on which this injunction hinges was not a patent or trademark — it was something else entirely. It's called a Community Design, was instated in 2002 and 2003, and, as I have learned, is far, far worse than anything the United States Patent and Trademark Office has ever come up with.'

Submission + - Wii LetterBomb Exploit – System 4.3 Hacked (

An anonymous reader writes: LetterBomb is a new exploit for the Wii running system menu 4.3. It works by exploiting the Wii’s message board functionality hence the name “LetterBomb”.

The exploit requires for you to be running system menu 4.3, an SD card, and your Wii's Mac Address.

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