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Comment Re:Election interference (Score 1) 412

I think the line is about leaking important information vs plain doxing. The original Wikileaks leak with Manning was at least *supposed* to be controlled and have only journalists analyze the data to figure out what's relevant vs what was just going to cause conflicts (country X said something bad about country Y to country Z) for no reason. Of course, someone screwed up and the entire thing became public, but at least it seemed like the intent was to do things right. In this case, it seems to be about dumping everything in public, regardless of whether it's information the public should know. This is more like doxing. In some way, maybe the good thing for Hilary is that there's so much noise in there that few people are paying attention and anything actually bad in there is probably drowned out by the noise.

Comment Re:A very "someone" (Score 1) 618

The trick is to find the ~5% who are doing something different, so they'll get different results, and help them.

Or in this case, we're talking about the people who will continue doing OK like previously because they were doing find until some kind of accident happened. But even otherwise if you could know (which I know isn't easy) that giving someone $1000 every year would prevent that person from being homeless, it's still a worthwhile investment even if you don't care about people's well-being.

Comment Re:MPG savings (Score 1) 290

Back of the envelope estimation here... the mirrors are probably 1% of the drag cross section of the car and the drag is maybe ~50% of the total energy loss in the car. So my guess would be around 0.5% reduction in fuel consumption. Over its life, your car might burn about 20,000 liters of gas, so you'd save about 100 liters, or about $100 (depending on exact prices). Of course, I'm likely to be off by more than a factor of two (but probably less than a factor of 10).

Comment Re:Can Linux be used in automatic cars (Score 1) 220

If Windows software makes a mistake, I assume Microsoft can be sued. Like Toyota has been sued.

If Windows running in a Toyota kills someone, Toyota gets sued, not Microsoft. Microsoft makes it clear that their software is not to be used in a mission-critical application. Same goes for Linux or other software. Whoever makes it part of some device is responsible, at least unless the software manufacturer explicitly provides a warranty for that particular application.

Hardware analogy: if Boeing uses screws from Home Depot to build an airplane, who do you sue when the plane crashes? Home Depot or Boeing?

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