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Comment Re:Code reuse, junk food example? (Score 1) 394

Seriously, what's going on with the articles here? "My code is like a Taco"? Is that flying because of CmdrTaco's username?

Nothing new here: 1) Code reuse. Woopdeedoo. The whole industry has invested heavily in many paradigms for reusing code: The reusable library, module reuse, object reuse etc. 2) Stringing Unix commands together is news? Did I just take a Deloriane back to 1955? (Well that's a slight exaggeration. Unix has only been around since the 70s)

Finally, who wants to compare their code reuse to a crappy junk food chain? I'd rather think of myself as a professional that earns commensurate pay than a junk food server who needs to be trained to ask "would you like fries with that?".

Maybe you didn't read the article, but you've totally missed the point. The point is that these duct-taped solutions with shell scripts are often good enough for the first draft of an application. The contrast is with many people trying NoSQL and MapReduce systems because they're the flavor-of-the-day. The point is that the Unix paradigm is powerful enough for the first draft of many systems, and depending on your needs might be enough for the final draft. Also, you can be anyone you want in the analogy. Maybe you invented Taco Bell. Maybe you're the person who invented the 4-ingredient Chalupa, which probably makes millions of dollars per year. I never thought that I would be a junk food server. That's clearly a job for a script. :)

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