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Comment Re:A cheaper, old school way (Score 1) 210

No. The employee's lost time and productivity of an employee dealing with a broken device will almost certainly cost the company more than just replacing the device promptly, without any fussing. A new standard keyboard or mouse is on the order of $20. I'd imagine that the cost to a Silicon Valley tech company of having an employee with a broken keyboard for the day, or away from his/her desk fetching a new keyboard is on the order of $50-$100. No brainer.

Comment Let's see if I can remember (Score 1) 867

OS History Roughly
MS/DOS 3, MacOS 6, CP/M -> MS Xenix (On a TRS/80 Model 2 modded to 16b specs) -> Minix -> SLS -> MCC (IIRC) -> Slackware -> Red Hat -> Mandrake -> Debian -> Gentoo -> Ubuntu -> Windows Xp, Windows 7, MacOS X

With occasional excursions to BSD/386, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD choking due to unsupported or fussy hardware, and later discarded due to a userspace that made Linux feel full featured and easy. And probably a few other visits to Debian along the way.

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