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Comment thanks for locking the bootloader (Score 1) 86

I think LG is getting what they deserve for allowing carriers to lock the bootloader... even when I outright purchased the phone. This is true on the G3 and G4 on many carriers (excluding the international version -- you are in great shape if that works for you!).

I owned a G2 and had endless GPS-lock issues because of a faulty antenna design.

I own a G4 that has already been replaced for the bootloop issue. Other than that, and the damn locked bootloader, it's been a nice device. One day it will probably bootloop again; thus, I make sure to keep it backed up. What a waste of effort.

When the modular G5 came out, my first impression is that there was no commitment to the modular design, and sure enough it's been ditched already.

Yes, LG's handset division is hurting because they've made a number of bad designs and bad decisions.

Comment Faraday Future going out of business (Score 3, Informative) 121

They are trying to leverage the Tesla approach to building a company: build a high-priced performance sports car first (Roadster), and then really usable cars after that. It worked for Tesla. (so far, but it looks like it will get them to the Model 3).

I doubt it will work for FF.

It's not like it was 9 years ago. There are lots of production EVs on the road, and more coming out all the time. A new superfast non-production 0-60 car.... who cars?

Meanwhile, FF is missing payments to vendors. It looks doubtful they'll last long enough to get this past prototype.

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