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Submission + - Facebook: The Money Mule Farm (

Trailrunner7 writes: Scammers and phishers are continuing to adapt their recruitment tactics, now going so far as to create special Facebook groups for their work-at-home scams. Phishers have been using social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter for years now as fertile hunting grounds not only for new victims but as a way to find new participants in their scams, as well. Now, the scammers have taken to creating Facebook groups specifically dedicated to the work-at-home scams that often serve as recruitment schemes for money mules. One such group that's being tracked by researchers has nearly 225,000 members on Facebook.

Submission + - New Jersey Mayor Attempts to Censor Website ( 1

FutureDomain writes: The mayor of Bordentown, NJ is attempting to silence the website which has been criticizing his performance. The City Commission passed a resolution that would send a letter to the site's host requesting the site be taken down and lets the city appoint a special council to investigate. Mayor James Lynch claims that the site is illegal because an early version of the site, which is no longer available "wrongfully implies" an association with the city and the current site has "very, very derogatory" content.

Submission + - SPAM: iPad 3G teardown reveals 5 antennas

alphadogg writes: The new iPad 3G no sooner went on sale Friday than iFixit got to work looking at the tablet computer's insides, which include five antennas to ensure Internet access.

The iPad 3G expands upon the original iPad, which relies on Wi-Fi connectivity, by adding Internet access via AT&T's data network.

IFixit, which recently expanded its own offerings to include a Wikipedia-like site for repairs, says "the immediate visible difference is the inclusion of a black plastic RF window on top of the iPad for better antenna reception." The new iPad boasts five antennas in all, two for cell reception, two for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity and one more for GPS. In fact, iFixit says Apple is using the whole LCD frame as an antenna. IFixit says a "dramatic shift" with the iPad 3G is that it is not tied to a specific carrier, even though in reality for U.S. customers AT&T is the only provider whose 3G network uses the frequencies supported by the device.

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