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Comment Re:this is on the front page? really? (Score 1) 376

The technical environment is constantly changing. The value of this article to the Slashdot community lies in the variety of perspectives and unfamiliar solutions suggested by the respondents. You may be a master today, but in 2 years your knowledge will be obsolete. It still works, your old solution, but until you get clued by another Ask Slashdot, you don't even know that it is now the wrong answer. Not only do answers change, but the questions themselves change. Often merely parametric, at some point the change becomes a phase change, which changes the way things are done, the kinds of things that are done, and how these things affect people's lives.

The perspective of years of experience coping with technical change and complexity is very different from the perspective of new mastery. I design systems to be maintainable and supportable. I also design my own mental processes to be maintainable and supportable over the long haul. Part of that involves mundane, quotidian exercises in fundamentals review.


Obama Edicts Boost FOIA and .gov Websites 400

Ian Lamont writes "The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the National Security Archive are praising President Obama's executive orders to make the federal government more open. Yesterday, Obama issued two memos and one executive order instructing government agencies to err on the side of making information public and not to look for reasons to legally withhold it. The moves are expected to make it easier for people to file Freedom of Information Act requests, and should also boost the amount of information that agencies place on their websites. The general counsel for the National Security Archive (an NGO that publishes declassified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act) even predicts that agencies will use blogs to share information. Obama's directives reverse a 2001 memo from former US Attorney General John Ashcroft instructing federal agencies to generally withhold information from citizens filing FOIA requests."

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