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Comment Re:Treason ain't what it used to be (Score 1) 798

Manning did not just release information about wrong doing, where whistle blowing protections make sense, he released thousands of other documents. Documents that contained physical descriptions of informants. Those informants were targeted by the taliban and al qaeda. Just because manning is remorseful does not change the nature of his reckless behavior.

Comment Re:Terrible decision, regardless of patent feeling (Score 1) 100

You are absolutely correct, the individual components must be taken into account. The simple test is if Samsung infringed on patents from two companies both would be able to claim all the profits. The profits must be split between companies which is no different from Samsung replacing the other company. To take it to the extreme I could build an aircraft carrier and if one light on the carrier was infringing on a patent the light company would have a claim to all the profits.

Comment Re:A better way to tackle terrorism (Score 1) 85

Your pretty optimistic if you think any of the data is going to be analyzed in real time. The data will be manually scanned after an attack to try to find accomplices. The throughput and/or competency to be able to analyze that much data is not something I'd expect from bureaucracy laden entities. For example all retirement paperwork for the federal employees in the US is managed by 1000's of people in a giant cave where the data is stored in filing cabinets. 3 or four attempts to digitize records and automate the process have been unmitigated disasters.

Comment Re:So? (Score 3, Funny) 117

Common household chemical? Just checked. I'm flat out of Aluminum Fluoride and Platinum/Calomel. The Argon tank is empty too. I do, as it happens, I do have a bit of HCl in the garage. Can I substitute peanut butter and laundry detergent for the chemicals the experimenters used?

Aluminum Fluoride -> cut up pieces of aluminum foil and put in mouthwash then heat in microwave for 2 minutes
Platinum/Calomel -> put spark plugs in a twix and place over medium heat in a sauce pan.

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