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Submission + - SPAM: Your Mother Was Right, You Are Who You Associate..

ckrishnek writes: "Your Mother Was Right, You Are Who You Associate With... It is true. The type of people you hang out with reflects on who you are...If you want to be successful and wealthy then it is very important to surround yourself with successful and wealthy people. Successful people often talk about taking actions towards their dreams and then they do it! This is not only motivating for you but it teaches you the mindset and skills you will need and use for the rest of your life. Some people are natural born leaders and some are not. By surrounding yourself with leaders you will find that you begin to pick up leadership skills that you never knew you had. Remember, people will follow people whom are confident and believe in themselves. It is human nature to follow leaders or become leaders. You must decide which one you will be.Stay away from the dream killers. You know who they are. The people that scoff at you when you tell them your dreams or you get excited over a new business idea. They see the negative in everything and believe that your MLM or internet marketing business opportunity is a scam or a pipe dream. Whatever you do, do not let them bring you down. Use the dream killer's negativity as a leverage to pull yourself away from their influence and make it a goal to prove them wrong! Believe in yourself and success will happen."
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Submission + - New Mars rover named 'Curiosity' (

sveard writes: reports that NASA's next Mars rover, the Mars Science Laboratory, has been named 'Curiosity.

The name comes courtesy of Clara Ma, a 12-year-old sixth-grade student at Sunflower Elementary school in Lenexa, Kan. As her prize, Ma wins a trip to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., where she will be invited to sign her name directly onto the rover as it is being assembled.

Curiosity will be larger and more capable than any craft previously sent to land on the red planet. It will check to see whether the environment in a selected landing region ever has been favorable for supporting microbial life and preserving evidence of life. The rover also will search for minerals that formed in the presence of water and look for several chemical building blocks of life.

The rover is expected to launch in 2011.


Submission + - > 32% of Blacklist related to Child porn (

Combat Wombat writes: "WIKILEAKS EDITORIAL The Australian government told a Senate estimates hearing this week that less than 32% of the country's secret internet censorship list is related to underage images. During the hearing, the government also stated that the WikiLeaks publication of the list in March has now been officially referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) "blacklist" is slated to form the backbone of a national, mandatory, internet censorship system. Australia is also in talks with the US and the UK internet watch foundation to expand the blacklists via a sharing arrangement. God I hate censorship.."

Submission + - H1-Bs Outnumbering Unemployed IT Workers (

SirLurksAlot writes: According to an article on Computerworld the US government is beginning to raise questions concerning H1-Bs and visa fraud in relation to IT workers. These questions were raised as part of a court filing against an IT firm known as Visions Systems Group in New Jersey. The firm has been indicted on charges of visa fraud, and the government has stated that those involved were "displacing qualified American workers." The government also issued a brief in which it stated that "In January of 2009, the total number of workers employed in the information technology occupation under the H-1B program substantially exceeded the 241,000 unemployed U.S. citizen workers within the same occupation," though it did not provide data to back up that assertion. Meanwhile the Department of Homeland Security is arguing that extending the duration of an H1-B visa from one year to 29 months is necessary to remain competitive.

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