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Submission + - SPAM: Japanese Fuji has eruption signs

comeagain01 writes: "Classic Handbags According to South Korean YTN television reported on March 17 by the impact of the earthquake in Japan, known as a symbol of Japan's Mount Fuji, the recent volcanic activity, there are signs of eruption.

UGG Boots Reported recently in Japan, 100 km southwest of Tokyo, Shizuoka Prefecture, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake occurred, causing dozens of people injured in the Tokyo area also felt strong. This earthquake is considered to occur by 11 magnitude 9 earthquake in the formation of the impact. But it is worth noting that the quake epicenter is located is known as a symbol of Japan's Mount Fuji.

Wholesale shoes Reported that, since the major earthquake in 11 years in Japan, Mount Fuji around in a "seismic mass" phenomenon, including the recent 4.8 magnitude earthquake, including a total of 850 earthquakes observed. While it is not found near Mount Fuji, the volcanic activity was particularly evident changes, but has been perceived in the region has a large crater waving signs."

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Submission + - P2PNet Silenced 1

Hodejo1 writes: Kazaa's Nikki Hemming could not take down P2Pnet with her libel suit back in 2006 that tried to hold the site fiscally responsible for slanderous posts made by a reader. The irony, of course, was that P2Pnet was mostly a supporter of Kazaa, which prompted The Register's Ashlee Vance to note at the time "The sound of the pigopolists laughing is unbearable" Four years later things turned bad for P2Pnet. On January 19th El Reg reported that the site's publisher Jon Newton was fast running out of cash, blaming it "on Big Music for shutting down two advertisers and for causing his other two advertisers to scale back." Yesterday, Newton shut P2Pnet down, silencing a vocal supporter of fair use and consumer rights.

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