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Submission + - Benefits of a Facebook landing page ( 1

ryanwilliams2012 writes: "Most companies and firms these days are taking their businesses online. With so many people logging on to the internet for browsing, social networking and work, the chances of stumbling onto a website that advertises the products and businesses of companies is quite high. This gives even local businesses a chance to go global and become recognized. It’s also a good way to connect with customers and potential clients and keep them updated on new offers, changes and products.

A better method, however, is creating a landing page wherein details of whatever a company is involved in incorporated. Here, visitors can get all the information they’re looking for as well as being able to sign up or register with a site they’re interested in. A notable example is a Facebook landing page that links to a site. The page may images, videos, reviews and any other material deemed necessary to herd traffic to the said company’s website.

There are also other sites that offer you simple templates and tools that you can use to create a Facebook landing page if you don’t know how to go about it on your own. But, if you don’t need the help of an external source, you’d do well to keep in mind certain tips that will guarantee you higher visitor traffic.

Remember, a landing page is meant to generate sales from customers so it must be designed as such.

Decide on what your landing page is supposed to target. It could be to register with your site, fill out a contract or order a product. Be clear on your intentions and constantly work towards improving your page.

Keep things simple and avoid cluttering your page with irrelevant links and ads. Visitors should be able to navigate with ease and must be able to find what they’re looking for.

Maintain consistency. If your site or your business promises customers certain benefits like discounts on certain products, your landing page should also reflect the same. This will build trust and will increase your chance of getting you and your page more hits.

Utilize the same tips we’ve given to create a Facebook landing page and it’s very likely that visitor traffic and sales will increase. Combining one of the world’s most successful social networking sites with your business gives you a greater chance to taking your business to new heights."

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