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Submission + - Canadian Digs Out Basement Using Only Radio Controlled Scale Tractors and Trucks ( 1

Phurge writes: Excavating a basement using professional machinery is nothing new but doing it with radio controlled (RC) scaled models is something unheard of. Welcome to the little big world of Joe, from Saskatchewan, Canada.

For the past 7 years (!), Joe has been digging out his basement at an average annual rate of 8 to 9 cubic feet using nothing more than RC tractors and trucks!

And we're talking about the whole nine yards here — he starts by transporting the excavator on an RC truck to the basement, unloads it, digs and uses other trucks to transfer the dirt up to the ground through a spiral ramp! He even has a miniature rock crusher!

"I feel quite fortunate to have stumbled onto this basement excavation idea, it's been a great past time to date dreaming up new ideas to tackle different projects along the way," Joe wrote on the Scale4x4rc forums where he also posted pictures and videos of his feat


Submission + - Train phone thief caught on camera - help us catch him (

arcticstoat writes: "Stand up comedian and mathematician Matt Parker filmed this brazen phone thief on the train in the UK Last night. He stole a phone from a bag that a woman had accidentally left on the train, and even held it up to pose with it, despite being shouted at by Parker. We're trying to identify the guy so that British Transport Police can act accordingly, so please help to spread this around if you can. If Matt's blog is down, you can see a picture of the thief here and a full video of the incident here."

Submission + - BTJunkie and Piratebay no more (

AWESOM-O 4k writes: It seems like the popular file sharing site (and the Pirate Bay) is gone. On you are greeted with the following:
"2005 — 2012 This is the end of the line my friends. The decision does not come easy, but we've decided to voluntarily shut down. We've been fighting for years for your right to communicate, but it's time to move on. It's been an experience of a lifetime, we wish you all the best! "

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Submission + - Copyright Troll Paul Duffy, Disciple of John Steel (

An anonymous reader writes: Copyright Troll Paul Duffy, a disciple of John Steele and principle of Prenda Law Inc., formerly Steele | Hansmeier PLLC, has filed a response to an amicus curiea brief filed by EFF in an ongoing mass-Doe BitTorrent lawsuit, Hard Drive Production, Inc. v. Does 1-1,495. The response contains nothing but insults:
"The EFF Is a Radical Special-Interest Group Generally Opposed to Any Effective Or Efficient Enforcement of Intellectual Property Law"

"This mission is radical, quasi-anarchist, and intrinsically opposed to any effective enforcement of intellectual property rights."

"their history of advocating lawlessness on the Internet suggests that their purpose is not to help this Court administer justice, but to hinder and obstruct the process"


Submission + - Vanity Fair on TSA and Security Theater ( 1

OverTheGeicoE writes: Perhaps its now officially cool to criticize TSA. Vanity Fair has a story questioning the true value of TSA security. The story features Bruce Schneier, inventor of the term 'security theater' and contender for the Most Interesting Man in the World, it would seem. With Schneier's, um, mentoring, the author allegedly doctors a boarding pass to breach security at Reagan National Airport to do an interview with Schneier. 'To walk through an airport with Bruce Schneier is to see how much change a trillion dollars can wreak. So much inconvenience for so little benefit at such a staggering cost.' Perhaps. The real question is this: now that he's been idolized in Vanity Fair, will Bruce still eat lunch with us in the cafeteria after math class?

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