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Input Devices

Kinect Creators To Make PC Controller 96

Hugh Pickens writes "PrimeSense, the privately held Israeli company that licensed core Kinect technology to Microsoft, is teaming up with PC and peripheral maker Asus to create a similar device for the PC that can be used for browsing multimedia content and accessing the Internet and social networks — basically, the main things consumers use their PCs for. Last month, a Korean game developer claimed that Microsoft was working on a version of Kinect for the PC, but Microsoft hasn't confirmed any such plans."

Submission + - OSI Refers Novell Patent Deal To Authorities (computerworlduk.com)

WebMink writes: "Worried that the unholy alliance of Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and EMC — hardly known for their collaboration — is establishing a patent troll called CPTN to attack open source software, the Open Source Initiative has announced that they have referred the Novell deal over to the German competition authorities."

Comment Re:A Law That Guarantees (Score 1) 180

That's the problem of having a poorly named country (United States of America), then you have to invent things like "The Americas", to distinguish it from the continent. There are other United States also, like Brazil and Mexico.
And then you have the problem that they think that only them are "Americans", that's why in so many countries (including, for example, Spain) they are called Gringos or Yankees. USian defines the situation better, but somehow they don't like to be called that way.
And even though wikipedia is not the most reliable site, when you search for "America", the result you get is:
America usually refers to either:

        * The Americas
        * The United States of America

So even though there is no continent called America, there is also no country called that way either.

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