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Submission + - Paypal out does Grinch, Scrooge in killing Christm (

jfmiller writes: In an ultimate act of corporate greed Paypal freezes donations meant for needy children. "They allowed me to use a donate button, and got a portion of the donations Then made me return the donations, and kept a portion of the fees on the donations. ... I am very sorry to say that at this point, I am not able to make a monetary gift to the families. They have frozen everything that was not already spent or donated, and I have no more funds to make a gift of that size. MERRY CHRISTMAS"

Submission + - Alleged IP Infringement Forces Comic Rewrite Strip (

jfmiller writes: Over a decade of daily installments of web comic "Schlock Mercenary" had to be revised after Franklin Covey complained that the parody "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pirates" in fringed on their trademark. According to the author's post Franklin Covey claims the right to anything joining "seven" and "habits." In the comments the author sums up the state of Intellectual property by writing, "If you tried to write '7 Habits of Highly Annoying Attorneys' you could get your very own cease-and-desist letter, dripping with unintentional irony, no less."

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