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Submission + - US-Created 'Gauss' Cyber Weapon Discovered Targeting Lebanon (

DavidGilbert99 writes: "Security experts have discovered the latest high-profile cyber-security weapon called Gauss, which is based on the Flame platform which is targetting users in Lebanon.

Gauss is a highly-complex piece of malware which is targetting victims in the Middle East, specifically Lebanon, and is monitoring users' web browsing history, banking credenitals and network information.

Discovered by security experts at Kaspersky Labs, the new cyber surveillance tool, which is described as a banking trojan which "carries a warhead of unknown designation", was developed by the same people behind the highly complex Flame virus, discovered earlier this year.

The trojan can steal passwords and usernames from infected PCs, as well as accessing banking systems in the Middle East.

With Kaspersky saying this is was created by the same people behind Flame and Stuxnet, it is implicating once again the US Government which is widely believed to be behind the earlier cyber-attacks."

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