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Comment Re:When everything you do (Score 1) 531

Presumably because it violates the sacred Unix doctrine of "a program should do one thing, and do it well". Personally I've thought that doctrine has been out of date for some time now, having set up and configured one or two Linux e-mail servers (I just want a fucking MS Exchange equivalent where I can install one thing and have SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Webmail, etc.)

Comment Re:How to advocate for desktop dev in a phone worl (Score 1) 508

I'm also a cross-platform kind of guy, but I find myself on Windows machines most of the time. Microsoft actually did the right thing with Windows 10, walking back some of the 8.x "touch-only, tablet-only" craziness. It's not Windows 7, but in my mind it's a good compromise between the two worlds.

You can't just ignore the fundamental problems of Windows 10. It's endless telemetry, shoving ads in your face, basically turning the OS into software-as-a-service. This for me is a total dealbreaker, no matter what they've done with the UI.

As an aside, I *hate* the Windows 10 UI. The new control panel is extremely bland looking, and the icons tend to be tiny, composed of black-on-white or white-on-$background_color. Compared to the colourful Windows 7 icons they are horrible.

Comment The "gleeful adoption" of Windows 10? (Score 3, Interesting) 508

Who the hell has "gleefully adopted" Windows 10 apart from MS fanbois? It's so appalling I'm literally thinking of quitting .NET development rather than eventually being forced to use it.

And no, its UI isn't even good. It's shitty monochrome icons and minimalistic 2d bullshit. Windows 7 and Mint Cinnamon look a lot nicer.

Comment Re:What it will really mean (Score 1) 394

Apple is always bitching about simplification. One button mice, as few cords as possible, thinner etc etc.

Thinner isn't simplification, it's just thinner. When we already have stupidly thin phones. Apple has digital anorexia. I wonder whether their roadmap is to get their phones down to 1 Planck length wide?

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 212

It is funded by the Federal taxes of all Canadian tax payers. Regardless of whether you use the CBC or not, you're paying for it.

How about no? I don't want to guarantee a national broadcaster my fucking tax money so they can spew out government propaganda (which every single government-funded broadcaster is doing bigtime). At least with the licence fee, I can be legally licence-fee. However, I would still scrap it and replace it with... nothing. If the BBC is so great, they can do well commercially. If people want to listen to their left-wing propaganda "news", they can damn well pay for it. But don't expect me to.

Comment Re:How the hell are gun emojis tied to violence? (Score 1) 331

An emojii is literally a cartoon depiction. The world has much bigger problems. For example, real violence.

Left-wing cultural Marxism is increasingly conflating verbal insults (or "abuse") with physical violence (or "actual abuse"), and pushing for laws to reflect it. Hurting people's feelz is just as bad as hurting people's bodies. It's time everyone with an iota of sense came out strongly - and loudly - against it.

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