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Comment Re:problems, lol (Score 1) 215

Exceptions are not possible in C for the same reason that they are not possible in Objective-C even though they exist. There is a vast quantity of code in the C world that is not written to be exception safe. So if you throw an exception in your callback that you passed to library, the unwinding of the call stack may cause all kinds of resource leaks and other issues.

Comment Re:What Authority ... (Score 1) 487

There are EU regulations about government assistance for corporations. These are in place because Europe has a single market and government subsidies for one company are the same as tariffs for everybody else. The EU thinks that Apple paying corporate tax at 1% when the official rate is 12.5% in Ireland amounts to an illegal subsidy.

Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 487

The bill is for eleven years and includes interest. Plus Apple did pay some taxes in Ireland, probably around a billion euros. To give you some perspective, it looks like Ireland collects around €45 billion each year in all taxes and around €7 billion in corporation tax. This €13 billion would be a substantial windfall for them.

Comment Re:I hate Apple, but no (Score 1) 487

Actually, no. The EU does not have overall governance over Ireland. The EU does not set Irish taxes but only gives broad guidelines in an effort to keep the playing field as level as possible. As a member of the EU and its single market, Ireland commits to keeping to the guidelines. The EU says it has transgressed and Ireland says it hasn't. Either way, Apple has paid all the taxes that the Irish government said it needed to. Apple is not at fault here.

Comment Re:New math? (Score 3, Informative) 161

Because everybody else together is making a loss.

Let's pretend the total profit of the entire smart phone industry is $100. We look at Apple's profits and find they are $75. We look at Samsung's profits and find they are $30. We look at everybody else and find that, in total, they are losing $5 between them.

Comment Re:SystemD? (Score 2) 538

Not heard of systemd-emacs? It has the advantage that all your editing sessions are spawned directly off process 1. No need to su anymore to edit /etc/passwd.

Also, you can have dependency management so when you invoke systemd-emacs, systemd will make sure that the emacs vi emulator extension is installed first.

Comment Re:What about the batteries?? (Score 1) 304

My three year old rMBP shows a cycle count of 396 and condition normal. Battery Health tells me it has 88% of its original capacity. My experience with MBPs with removable batteries is that they tended to start degrading after 100 cycles and would be dead well before 300 (the alleged lifetime).

I normally would have replaced this laptop a year ago, but the current offerings from Apple are not compelling. This one is fine for everything I do with it but it will be changed after the refresh.

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 1) 323

The derivative of population growth is not a positive number though.

Population growth is slowing which means that, at some point, it will be zero and the population will stabilise. The problem is that, if the story is correct, the population is already too big. The other problem is that, maybe it won't stop growing before it is too late.

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