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Comment Re:Fluid type manipulation with unions (Score 1) 409

He's emulating a 6809 which is pretty much a legacy processor by now. No amount t of you calling it cruft is going to stop the need for treating two eight bit registers as one 16 bit register because that is what the original hardware did. Same with the Z80 and the 8086.

The problem with using a union to do it is the undefined behaviour.

Comment Re:Yes, because Apple buyers aren't paranoid idiot (Score 1) 223

The last three of my MBPs are all still in use with other members of my extended family. The oldest is now over six years old but, apart from the mechanical hard disk, is still reasonably performant. It plays Minecraft just fine.

I'm on my third iPad. Both of the previous two are in use by my parents.

People seem much happier to accept hand-me-down Apple gear than PCs. That's probably a function of price of new Macs and perceived desirability. Making a computer attractive for second hand buyers is probably the best thing you can do in terms of recycling.

Comment Re:Why do airlines overbook? (Score 1) 575

I have. On one occasion I even turned up a day late for a flight to San Francisco because I asked the company to book it on a Sunday and they booked it on the Saturday instead and I didn't check the date on the ticket when I was given it. In spite of the fact that being late was entirely my fault, the airline put me on the flight I thought I was booked for without argument or extra charge.

This was in the good old days before Easyjet and Ryan Air. The cheap tickets are always non refundable because, of course, they can effectively sell the seat twice if you don't turn up. However, on the airlines that purport to be more than budget, you can usually pay a little more and get a flexible ticket.

Comment Re:Is anyone asking the real question here? (Score 1) 575

It was for four UA employees that needed to be somewhere. My guess is that it was for a flight crew that needed to be somewhere or a scheduled flight from the somewhere gets cancelled.

Reportedly they went to $800 as an inducement to leave the flight + hotel + flight the next day. If I had been on it with no pressing appointments, I would have taken the $800 without a second's thought. I'm amazed they couldn't find four passengers on the whole plane that were willing to do the same.

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