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Comment Re:Wrong reasoning (Score 3, Insightful) 262

The flaw in the logic is that "rarely use" is not the same as "would be fine if it didn't exist". The reasons for removing the feature look bogus to me in that they seem to satisfy an aesthetic quality that the developers want rather than provide any benefit to the users of the browser.

Comment Re:Cops = thugs (Score 1) 299

In the UK if you killed somebody who was mugging you, as long as you can demonstrate that the force was proportionate (i.e. you were in fear for your life) you'd get away with it.

You might have trouble explaining why you were carrying a gun, of course, but then you probably wouldn't be because it is pretty much an automatic prison sentence.

Comment Re:Where is the User choice in all of this (Score 1) 203

If you use Microsoft office, you put a straitjacket on your system. Not compatible with OSX version of Office

That comes as news to me as a Mac OS user in a mainly Windows based office environment. There are no serious compatibility issues between the two versions of Office in my considerable (more than 10 years) experience of use g the Mac versions.

Comment Re: Alternative Facts (Score 1) 92

No it doesn't. Uber's business model simply doesn't work. Uber is a company that drives people from A to B for money. There is no fundamental reason why they should be able to do it cheaper than other taxi companies, at least not if they are doing it legally. There's no disruptive technology here, there's just a taxi hailing app.

Comment Re:Perhaps a better method... (Score 1) 1001

Apart from the language mismatch, why do you think that is unfair? Asking people questions so that you understand the problem you are trying to model is a fundamental part of programming. If anything, the question is unfair on people who do know Sudoku because they do not get to demonstrate that part of their skill set to the interviewer.

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