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Comment Re:... and that's bad, why? (Score 1) 306

I have always thought of Netflix as a bone yard. Movies end up there once they aren't even worthy of the Walmart bargain bin anymore.

This decline in DVD sales and prices has been going on for a VERY long time already.

Blaming it on Netflix is a bit silly.

The idea of a DVD seems quaint to a lot of people these days. I wouldn't buy them myself if I couldn't convert them into nice DRM free files.

Comment Re:So. (Score 1) 281

Swearing is only "deviant" in some parts of "polite society". This also varies greatly by region. What would be considered mundane in Manhattan would be considered absolutely scandalous in Georgia. Southern hangups are even more extreme than that going beyond what someone on either coast would view as "profane".

This almost sounds like something that snowflakes that have never been out of the suburbs would come up with.

Comment Re:Slashdot "experts" who were wrong. (Score 1) 164

> Oh please, if someone released a device that cured cancer 100% of the time, and gave it away

Except it's you lot that are pretending that an expensive brand name product is somehow different from it's cheap generic counterpart.

The fact that you're spouting complete medical gibberish is par for the course.

Comment Re:Oh great (Score -1) 285

> These rounds aren't being made for killing people.

They need to be as close to what is used in combat or else training effectiveness is reduced. THAT will cost American lives.

Also, the DO train recruits with real live grenades. It would be hard to fully appreciate and respect those things otherwise. Throwing around a training grenade is not the same thing at all.

Civilian do-gooders should stick to recycling things and whining that there aren't enough women in STEM.

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