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Submission + - Google's Rogue Internet Balloon Test Spurred UFO Reports Nationwide

Jason Koebler writes: The hardest thing about Google X's Project Loon hasn't been the engineering challenge of beaming high-speed internet down to the far-flung corners of the world: It's trying to control all those freaking balloons.
Project lead Rich DeVaul just revealed the "Falcon 11," a 120-foot long transparent mylar balloon made in-house at the secret Google X lab that spurred UFO reports nationwide after the company lost track of it: "We tracked the balloon by outsourcing to the internet UFO community, it drifted all the way across the country," he said.

Submission + - Chevy Made A Flying Camaro... Sorta

cartechboy writes: We've read about flying cars, and sure, maybe they'll come to fruition someday. But we aren't in the era where we fly around like the Jetsons, yet. Though, Chevrolet actually has something called Flying Car Mode in the new 2014 Camaro Z/28. It's part of the Performance Traction Management system and it's clear the marketing team went nuts when it came to naming the mode. Regardless, the function allows the Z/28 to leave the ground occasionally--such as while hauling ass down the Nürburgring--and have the traction control system recognize when this occurs. Instead of the car touching back down and the power being cut, the traction control system will shut itself off so the driver has full power at their disposal upon landing. And thus, Chevy has given birth to the first production flying car.

Submission + - London's Victorian sewers used for broadband in capital (v3.co.uk)

DW100 writes: An ISP in the UK has come up with an innovative way to deliver broadband around London: its Victorian sewer network. Geo Networks runs the cables along the roof of the sewers, avoiding any 'waste' issues and providing fast, low-latency, high-fibre services to business and other providers.

Submission + - Football field-sized kite powers latest freighter (networkworld.com) 2

coondoggie writes: "A kite the size of a football field will provide most of the power for a German heavy freight ship set to launch in December. The Beluga shipping company that owns the 460-foot Beluga said it expects the kites to decrease fuel consumption by up to 50% in optimal cases as well as a cutback of the emission of greenhouse gases on sea by 10 to 20%. Interestingly, the ship will be hauling windmills from Esbjerg, Denmark to Houston, Texas. The company that makes the kite for the German transport, SkySails, has made kites for large yachts but is targeting commercial ships with new, larger kites. And it has the ambitious goal of equipping 1,500 ships with kites by 2015. http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/22225"

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