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Submission + - SPAM: Kathleen (Kathy) Bostjancic - Press Website Biography -

kathleenbostjancic writes: From

"Kathy Bostjancic is an experienced economist possessing superior communication skills that enables her to explain complex global economic and financial market concepts clearly to non-economists. She is a top media spokesperson appearing in print, television, and radio. Kathy is a regular guest on Bloomberg Radio and TV. In addition to Bloomberg, her television appearances include time on CNBC, CNN, Reuters TV, and China Central Television (CCTV). She has been quoted frequently by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Dow Jones News, Reuters, Market News International financial newswires, etc.

Kathy has worked both as a financial market economist on Wall Street at Merrill Lynch, Union Bank of Switzerland, and Citibank and as the Director of Macroeconomic Analysis at the non-profit research firm The Conference Board. Given Kathy’s extensive and deep experience analyzing and forecasting global economic and financial market conditions coupled with her top-notch communication skills, she is in high demand to deliver presentations to financial investors and Fortune 500 business leaders and professionals.

She consistently produces high-quality in-depth and timely research reports on a wide variety of global economic topics. Kathy is highly skilled in building and maintaining client relationships. She has a proven record of achievement and managerial experience in diverse organizations.

While working as a Senior Director, U.S. Senior Economist at Merrill Lynch, Kathy served as Vice Chairman of the Merrill Lynch Interest Rate Committee which correctly predicted aggressive Federal Reserve monetary policy easing in late 2007-2008. She served as the fixed-income trading desk economist providing analysis and direction for the fixed-income trading floor following the release of high-frequency economic data, news, and developments. She supported all fixed-income and equity businesses including institutional, middle markets and private client. Kathy demonstrated managerial leadership as second in seniority in the U.S. Economics group. Her responsibilities included helping to manage a staff of five and assisting in overseeing the daily and weekly operations of the group.

Currently, as the Director for Macroeconomic Analysis at The Conference Board, Kathy Bostjancic is responsible for generating the U.S. economic forecast and is a member of the team that produces the global economic outlook. She oversees and is a regular participant in The Conference Board Economics Watch monthly global/U.S. webcasts. She authors the monthly Economics Watch U.S. View. Kathy briefs member firms and larger audiences on the global economic outlook and the impact it could have on businesses. Kathy holds a MA in economics from New York University and a BA in economics from Rutgers College."

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Submission + - I fired my boss (

An anonymous reader writes: Back in July 2013, I decided to quit my low paying, time consuming job. It was a science job with no future, I had to constantly sacrifice my family to work long hours. I was under pressure and sick all the time. I realized that life had more to offer than suffering through a job. The day I made a decision to quit I had the weight off my shoulders. I am not here to live to others' expectations, I am here to direct my own life. I started internet marketing, and that is the best choice I have ever made. Never will I look back.

Submission + - SPAM: 5 reasons why strength training is a must for any men with self-respect!

An anonymous reader writes: Naturally, everybody have heard already that physical conditioning is good for health. However, lots of us are confused about what kind of program is good for a man. There are so many different garbage systems and scams out there that it’s almost unbelievable. I saw a commercial on TV last month featuring the latest fashion in abs sculpting and body toning systems. This product was probably the most ridiculous piece of shit I have ever seen. I thought I knew a lot of people that were uninformed and ignorant but how could they sell this crap for 150$? Guess what? A few days later, I saw a well-dressed couple discussing about buying it at Wal-Mart. What the fuck?
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