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Comment Re:== vs =, | vs ||, variable/pointer dereference (Score 1) 84

What about the tests?

This is crypto-currency, the hot new thing tests are for old fogeys who still use dollars. Get with the times, young programmers are Agile, they don't plan and test their work, they release early and often. They release the Minimum Viable Product (minimum piece of shit they can get away with for a moment), it's illegal now to even think about corner cases and make code robust.

I don't know about ZCash, but Bitcoin has an extensive regression test suite and test mode. And test-first development is a principle of agile, so I'm not sure why you concluded agile programmers don't test.

Comment Re:Oh, hey - I forgot to ask . . . (Score 2) 309

My problem is that tylenol is demonstrably dangerous if you don't use it as directed, and the FDA is still happy to pull certain tylenol products off of the market simply because some people are too stupid to use it as directed. So I would like the FDA to clarify if these deaths are happening from people who followed the directions, or if they are happening when people give tons of it to their kids like rats in a saccharine study.

Comment Re:Hyland's teething tablets (Score 1, Insightful) 309

I'm not aware of any alternative belladonna treatments. I didn't intend to sound like I was saying I'm not aware of any alternative treatments at all.

I don't expect to change your mind. Mostly I'm just venting because articles like this makes my blood boil

We all get less rational when we get like that.

Comment Re:Hyland's teething tablets (Score 1, Interesting) 309

Science is superior because it requires compelling evidence. Not anecdotal evidence. Compelling evidence.

Okay, the FDA needs to release their evidence.

The fundamental theory behind homeopathics lacks compelling evidence.

I know that, and I don't believe in homeopathy, so I'm not sure why you're saying it.

This isn't some conspiracy to keep big pharma rich.

And I never said anything of the sort. You seem to be assuming a lot of things.

Comment Re:Oh, hey - I forgot to ask . . . (Score 2) 309

You're not planning on having your kids vaccinated against communicable diseases, are you?

My kids are vaccinated.

Giving your kids a preparation containing an unknown quantity of belladonna ?

The FDA let them back on the market a few years ago when the problem with uneven levels of ingredients was supposedly fixed. So is the FDA admitting they flubbed up, here? Did Hyland's stop meeting the quality standards that got them back on the market? What has changed, exactly?

Comment Hyland's teething tablets (Score 0, Troll) 309

I am a father of 8, and I have plenty of anecdotal evidence that Hyland's teething tablets are effective, and I want to continue to use them for my baby. From what I have read, the effective ingredient in them is probably the belladonna rather than the homeopathic ingredients, but I am not aware of any alternatives, and as near as I can tell the FDA refuses to actually release their data, which doesn't sound much like science to me. Maybe that has changed.

It's misleading to say that Hyland's won't recall their product - they quit selling in the US months ago thanks to the FDA's pressure. There was a flap several years ago where Hyland's was yanked off of the market because of alleged inconsistent levels of ingredients and that was supposed to have been corrected or the FDA would never have let them back on the market.

I'd like to know if the product is really a problem here when used as directed and what the current consistency of the belladonna levels in the product is, but the FDA doesn't seem to be bending over backwards to provide that information to me. Several times since I became a father, useful medications for children and especially for infants have been pulled off the market simply because of claims that parents are using wrong dosages, and frankly while I wish other parents were literate enough to care for their children, I don't care about that enough to torture my own children by denying them effective medication. If infant tylenol cold and flu hadn't been yanked off the market for these ridiculous reasons years ago, I might give the FDA some more credibility, here. As it is, I see them as people who will willingly take away medicine from my babies, which is a special level of depravity.

Comment Re:Yeah, not a surprise (Score 0) 564

a release in 120 days is immediate (those days are to begin a transition to post-prision life, not punishment)

I am certain that there are many private citizens and organizations that are willing to help Chelsea Manning transition to private life outside of the prison system and can do so better and more humanely than the prison system can. I am sure many people would be willing to donate to such a cause. If a reputable private organization gathering funds for that cause emerges, I will contribute Bitcoin immediately to help out.

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