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Comment Re:"Realistic", eh? (Score 1) 465

The problem with that is that it makes it unbalanced. Not only will people want to be on the "defending" side since they get a chance at respawn, but it ultimately means that defenders will have a higher chance at winning.

Many games have those respawn timers, usually including some sort of flag or point capture (Battlefront, Day of Defeat, I could go on) - but these don't exactly make for the most realistic of playing either.

Comment Re:If we evolved to have them... (Score 3, Informative) 260

There may be a downside to all this though, from what I understand of digestion and our immune system, it seems to me that when you lose X amount of microbes then you will end up with more of a different microbe that may breed much faster due to lack of competition.

There was recently a story about how people with a high-fat, high-sugar diet have different microbes in their stomach that allow them to absorb a higher % of calories from those fat/sugar than a more moderate diet. And that it could change as fast as 16 hours - so if you decide to go for yogurt and vegetables one entire day, and then eat a high fat carbohydrate laden meal the next, your body wouldn't absorb nearly as many calaries as it would have if you ate the previous day. Which may hold the key for some weight loss.


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