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Comment The one good thing abut Batman Vs. Superman (Score 1) 291

I shouldn't really say "the one good thing" because I didn't see the movie yet so I don't know if there's more I would like...

But what Batman Vs. Superman did set up was a lot of really great ongoing batman/superman at the diner scenes the end most How It Should Have Ended episodes.

Comment Re:So they just reinvented the docking station? (Score 1) 63

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of patents. All patents have prior art. Indeed they list the prior art in the patent. Patents take something that is already patented, and add some new things. Patents are never for something that is entirely new, the always build on what came before.

Comment Two points of bullshit (Score 1) 63

iOS doesn't support color profiles.

Maybe you should read more before you type.

Just because they don't provide you a way to assign a color profile does not mean iOS does not support color profiles... They have to because different devices now support a number of different gamuts.

iOS relies on a fixed resolution.

No, no it does not. It does specify things in points, but at this point there are a lot of iOS devices that are not just double the resolution of the original iPhone...

iOS supports all kinds of technologies that render at whatever resolution you have. From various Core Graphics drawing primitives to advanced image scaling stuff that makes full use of the GPU. I can take a PDF and drop it into Xcode to use as an asset anywhere in the app.

It also of course uses autolayout quite heavily in development, which will happily adapt UI elements to any kind of resolution differences it may encounter.

Comment Not from "predominantly Muslim countries" (Score 1, Insightful) 180

The secretary of state issued the memo after a Hawaii judge blocked the Trump administration's revised travel ban on citizens from six predominantly Muslim countries.

The ban is for six predominately islamic extremist countries. Are you bigoted against Muslims or something?

Comment An idea (Score 1) 133

It would be nice if after one wrong PIN attempt, your fingerprint was automatically deactivated from allowed inputs... or maybe some very low specified threshold for finger inputs it did not like.

The iPhone has a start in that direction, you can't use a finger to unlock until after you have entered the pin at least once after the device has powered up.

Comment Define "protest" (Score 5, Insightful) 216

Setting fires to cars and smashing windows is not a "protest".

You would think criminals would already know to use burner phones...

But then how would these gangsters be able to adequately send a selfie to Instagram in front of a smashed up store or burning vehicle? The cameras on burner phones suck, not to mention it would't have your Starbucks card loaded.

Comment You are thinking of someone else (Score 2) 216

The one saying she would get on her knees if you voted the way she wanted was not Trump

Side note: Liberals are so stupid Snopes had to actually cover this item to explain it was not a real offer....

Snopes is going soft though; no coverage of the veracity on her level of eye contact or swallowing.

Comment Re:It's not about the screen size, it's field of v (Score 1) 125

How much did you spend on your much better sound, amortized over the number of movies you watch?

I bought my speaker set for say $200 total about 20 years ago... so yeah. You could easily spend much less on speakers today for a really good quality, so long as you do not also buy Monster cables.

I did finally upgrade my also 20 year old receiver to support newer HDMI standards. That was about $200 and I expect to use that for at least ten years (modern electronics as we all know not being nearly as durable so 20 is unrealistic) so again the amortized amount is like buying four kernels of popped corn.

Comment You seem not to be familiar with theaters (Score 1) 125

You know there's multiple rows of seats to choose from right?

You mean seats that are actually level with the screen, or seats that are closer and make you look way up and are WAY TOO LOUD?

Yes I know about the range of choices.

You do realize at home you can sit closer or further from a TV also? Only you get to also select the hight you see the screen from?


Good for you.

Not just good for me, good for everyone. Even the cheapest projector gives a really good picture these days. And it means you can set up a "theater" almost anywhere.

I think maybe you're somehow overly offended by my post your rage has left you unable to parse basic english.

Perhaps your english was too basic to be comprehensible? I also do not speak Cave Man. I note you didn't provide a translation, undoubtedly you yourself could not even understand your own gibberish.

But most people don't have a sound system that they would rub their balls on.

But anyone COULD for less than the price of a few movies. Even a cheap set of headphones can sound worlds better than crappy theater sound.

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