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Submission + - GoDaddy's New "Selective DNS Blackouts" Policy (rscott.org) 1

suraj.sun writes: Since the beginning of the Internet, DNS has always been a sacred service. Blocking any DNS packets was always used as a last resort, only after all other options were exhausted, for fear of the consequences of what might happen. When you block DNS, you effectively block the web, E-mail, FTP, IM... just about everything.

Less than a month after the new owners came on board, GoDaddy implemented a "Selective DNS Blackout" policy for all domains using their DNS hosting (roughly 32 million domains). With this policy, they are choosing to allow their DNS servers to be underprovisioned (meaning that their servers are unable to gracefully handle their normal load). To prevent slow DNS, which would generate complaints quickly, they decided to block 100% of packets from hand-picked DNS servers based on volume and visibility. This reduces load somewhat, while making it difficult for customers to pinpoint GoDaddy as the problem.

A GoDaddy employee (who prefers to remain anonymous) confirmed that they have a policy in place to block DNS queries, but their Advanced Technical Support Team refused to provide any details on the policy.

Original Story: http://rscott.org/dns/GoDaddy_Selective_DNS_Blackouts.htm

Update with Godaddy response: http://rscott.org/dns/GoDaddy_Selective_DNS_Blackouts_Update.htm

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