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Comment Re:"intellectual property" laws:barf (Score 1) 99

Jefferson had serious doubts about the Patent office, some of which are expressed in this part of the discourse. The entire exchange was somewhat long for a /. post.

He was opposed to the argument, popular at the time, that there was a natural right to the fruits of intellectual labor.Jefferson writes in that same letter that real property is not a natural right, and thus what was called at the time industrial property, was, like ALL property, a social construct.

And on this too i agree with Mr. Jefferson. Your point being?

Using the quote to say that patents and copyrights aren't property is no more accurate than saying that real estate isn't property.

Real estate isn't property per se. Stolen, squatted, ill-gained, abandoned etc. real estate would under circumstances not be seen as (your) property, even by law.

In nature, the only property that exists is that which you can physically defend from others who would want to obtain it. There is no form of property in civilized society that meets that criterion.

Au contraire, all forms of property in modern society meet that criterium. Property is defined by law, laws are defined by nation-states, and i think most nation-states can will try to physically defend themselves and their laws.

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