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Submission + - Is there a cloud standard?

jcampbelly writes: Anyone with a sizeable IT department is trying to find ways to turn their cost center into a revenue source by selling their compute power and IT staff as ‘the cloud.’ Every colo and web host has their own cloud because it’s really just a service built on top of some of what they already do. This is spawning thousands of unique implementations of VM farms, control panels, and management APIs. The last hurdle of ‘the cloud’ for ubiquity seems to be the complete utility abstraction from the developer side. Users are still getting the same service whether I’m using provider A or B, but which one I choose dramatically changes how I build and manage that service. Does anyone know of any open source effort to standardize 'the cloud' on an API? Are there providers who are adhering or paying particular attention to this and profess interoperability?

Some examples: I may have dozens of VMs built on top of images from a cloud provider. If my customer or I don’t like their edge performance, I would like to be able to extend their cloud with my own equipment at a regional datacenter or in their building. Maybe I just like the idea of competition amongst the thousands of providers, because my VMs or apps are universal and so are my custom-built control tools. There is potential for a distributed platform hosted on dozens of providers around the world that doesn’t depend on a single corporate entity.

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