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Submission + - Homemade Holodeck Built by Gadget Show (

smitty777 writes: Gadget lab has an interesting segment showing how they built a home grown Holodeck...including the ability to really walk through a virtual world. The gear setup included a copy of Battlefield 3, 360 immersion, an advanced 360 degree treadmill, and Kinect tracking. To top it all off, they added in paintball guns that shoot at you when the enemy fires. I know what's going on my Christmas list this year.

Submission + - German high court declares all software patentable (

FlorianMueller writes: Long gone are the times when Europe was that bastion of resistance against software patents and patents on such things as file systems were ruled invalid. In a decision published today, the Federal Court of Justice of Germany upheld a patent on the automatic generation of structured documents (such as XML/HTML) in a client-server setting. The ruling lays out general principles that go beyond the patent at stake: they tear down all barriers to software patentability in the largest EU member state even though a European patent treaty once intended to exclude software from the scope of patentable subject matter. EU patent examiners recently warned against a drift toward software patents. Software patent critics in Europe fear this will spark more litigation on their continent and increasingly call for defensive measures.

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