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Submission + - Facebook 'Infers' Location Data (

itwbennett writes: "What's worse than Facebook saving your location data? Facebook saving inaccurate location data. One Facebook user was surprised to find that 'though she lives just north of Boston, Facebook was telling her that she was logged in from locations more than 400 miles away.' The culprit: Accessing Facebook from her iPhone. Facebook spokesperson Frederic Wolens told ITworld's Dan Tynan that the company 'infer[s] the information from carriers and the device IP, some IPs have users from all over a region of the country, in those cases we can't disambiguate where in the region they are and a central arbitrary location is displayed.' Which is all well and good, unless you're in the position of needing to prove you were in one location and not another."
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Submission + - the piratebay launches free vpn

bs0d3 writes: The Piratebay team is going to be making the RIAA angry, with the launch of a new ad supported VPN service. PrivitizeVPN is available for free from thepiratebay. Instead of earning revenue through subscription as ipredator does, PrivitizeVPN comes packaged to install babylon search bar (adware). PrivitizeVPN appears to be available for windows users only at the moment. The Piratebay staff has a long history of promoting services that have no logs; e.g. , you can't get in trouble if your anonymized ip is subpoenaed by government officials. Although PrivitizeVPN is being released silently, with no press coverage, no official statement, and no comments from The Piratebay of any kind, people are assuming that PrivitizeVPN will have the same familiar data protection policies. A backup download location has been setup here for people who have limited access to thepiratebay domain.

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